Pleasant Surprise Re: NCAA Rule Change

Earlier this month, we reported that the NCAA Board of Directors had approved substantive changes to the initial and continuing academic eligibility rules. info
The NCAA modified the core GPA - standardized test score chart so that incoming freshman with higher GPAs (i.e., above 2.5) could be academically eligible with lower test scores. And the Board increased the core GPA requirement from 13 courses to 14. This change is effective August 1, 2003, so it directly affects current high school seniors.
A core course equals a year of study in one of the prescribed disciplines. We were concerned that since two months of the current school year had already been completed when the Board acted, the 14th course requirement could be a problem for some recruits.
For instance, recently reported that Illinois recruit Charlie Villaneuva had achieved a qualifying SAT score. What if Villaneuva, or any other senior, only has 13 core courses?
Here's the good news. There will be a "grandfathering" of this rule. Wallace Renfro of the NCAA Media Relations said, "For two years, high school seniors can use either rule." That is either 14 core courses and the new GPA-test score rules or 13 core courses and the old GPA-test rules.
"Unfortunately, we didn't include that in the press release," Renfro noted. "But we've been in touch with high schools since this proposal was first raised and will be shortly sending a letter that covers this aspect and the other provisions in the new rules to all high schools."