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Penn to the Big 12

5-foot-9, 150-pound point guard Raymond Penn took the Reebok Summer Championships by storm as the event's leading scorer. Penn, who is from Richmond (Texas) Fort Bend Bush High School, celebrated his accomplishment with a commitment to a Big 12 school.
With it looking unlikely that Oklahoma State would land its top point guard target John Wall, the Cowboys moved quickly to Penn.
"I'm really not sure if Oklahoma State was on me before the tournament," said Penn. "My coach had been handling my recruiting. But what I love about Oklahoma State is that they play my style. They run and gun and play hard and don't call a whole lot of plays. They let their guys do their thing. When I get there Coach Ford will have a year under his belt, and then we will be in the fire together."
Playing for the Houston Superstars in Las Vegas, Penn came into the Reebok event as a relatively unknown commodity. After averaging an astounding 35.8 points per game over four games, Penn left Las Vegas as a likely four-star prospect.
Along with Oklahoma State, Penn was also being pursued by TCU, Mississippi State and Missouri.
Penn joins Fred Gulley and Trenton Marshall as 2009 Oklahoma State commitments.