Peach Jam spotlight: Eric Gordon

What is the story with Eric Gordon? That is a question that has rumbled through Big Ten country. The five-star guard broke it down exclusive to at the Nike Peach Jam.
The North Central High School guard from Indianapolis was rumored to have de-committed from Illinois last week. Several sources indicated as such to Gordon broke down the situation on Wednesday.
"I'm still committed with Illinois and everything. I'm just going to stay with them but I've been giving IU a look because they have a new coach and that is where I'm from, that's where I stay," Gordon said.
"There is a lot of pressure. You have fans right next to each other in those two states. So there is pressure. But I'm going to give Indiana a look but I'm still committed to Illinois."
Bruce Weber was front and center for Gordon's first game with the Mean Streets Express against Alabama Lasers. Indiana assistant Jeff Meyer sat at midcourt for the game, too.
Gordon said his relationship with the Illinois coaching staff was the primary reason on his early verbal commitment to the Illini.
"They got everything I need. The style of play they have. The coaches – that's probably the number one thing they and the reason why I went there," Gordon said. "You have the best players anywhere. Well, they don't have all the best players but when you do, they are going to make everybody better."
Gordon did leave the door open for future recruiting situations with the hometown Hoosiers.
"I might take a visit. I'm not sure. I'm talking to my parents about it," Gordon said. "I've been talking to the coaches and stuff and listening to their information. But I think Illinois is the right thing for me."
All recruiting drama aside, Gordon was sensational in his first game alongside Derrick Rose. The top 10 guards are the deadliest 1-2 punch in the entire tournament field and showed off flashes of brilliance in a lopsided win against the Lasers. At times, Gordon and Rose played the power forward and center spots for Mean Streets Express.
Gordon is coming off a stellar showing at the adidas Superstar camp, where he was one of the top two players there. Gordon said he is constantly working his game and preparing himself for an instant impact at the next level.
"I try to be," Gordon said of becoming the best player in the country. "I would like to see me go into a program with other good players. I would like that even better. Once you get other players, it is going to make you a better player because you are playing together."
He has that in Rose. And he has some of the top programs in the country watching his every move. Gordon is still committed to Illinois but Indiana is watching. And Gordon is watching both of them.