Paulus Discusses Duke, Livingston Football

One of the biggest questions Greg Paulus had to face in his recruiting process was what did he think about the possibility of Duke landing Shaun Livingston? This is, of course, assuming Livingston did land in Durham and also played at least two seasons. But Paulus, an outstanding lead guard in the 2005 class, seemed to have it all reasoned out.
"Duke seems to think of me like a Bobby Hurley type of guard," said Paulus, who committed to Duke earlier this week over Syracuse, Notre Dame, Xavier, and North Carolina. If Paulus has a career like Hurley, then the Blue Devils will be very happy.
Paulus continued: "From what Duke has told me Shaun Livingston is being looked at like someone like Grant Hill when he was at Duke. Someone who can do everything on the court."
Livingston is in the process of taking his visits and has not made a decision. "It would be great to have Shaun there when I get there," Paulus said. "I know he's a great player. I haven't seen much of him since we played different places sometimes. But I know he's a great player."
Paulus, 6-foot-1 and 180-pounds from Christian Brothers Academy in Manlius, N.Y., said he also was able to convince Coach K about playing football too in his last two years on the high school level. "At first he wasn't thrilled," Paulus said. "But when I explained it to him he was happy for me."
And what exactly did Paulus say to Coach K to convince him? "I told him we have a lot of basketball players on the football team," he said. "By having all these players on the team we are able to develop even better chemistry when we play basketball too. We get closer. It was a great way to develop more chemistry between us. So it helped us be a better basketball team too."
Paulus added: "I picked Duke because I fit into the puzzle there. I really loved the campus. I felt very comfortable on the campus. It's a great school too academically. It had everything I needed."