Paulus Discusses Decision

Greg Paulus makes decisions all the time. As a top rated quarterback, he’s scanning the defense for the right pass. On the hardwood he looks for the open man or pulls up for the jumper. On Tuesday afternoon, he made the biggest decision of his life. He decided to go to Duke to play college basketball.
After considering the likes of Notre Dame, North Carolina and Xavier, Paulus weighed all of his options and went back to the basics. He listened to what his heart was telling all the time.
“(Duke) is where my heart is at. Back in August, my whole family – all nine of us – went down their for the visit. I just felt at home. I knew in my heart, that is where I had to go,” Paulus said.
Several components went into Greg’s thought process before making a decision. The first was education, “just in case anything happens,” he said.
The second was environment. He wants to be comfortable with the area and saw potential for living in Durham for four years and perhaps longer.
“It isn’t too far away, maybe 10 hours, plus my family can see the games on TV and hopefully come down for some as well,” Paulus said.
The next component was the Blue Devils’ style of play. With a history of successful guards and immediate playing time, the choice was pretty easy. Current Blue Devil Sean Dockery will be a senior when Paulus enters as a freshman.
“The timing couldn’t be better,” Paulus said.
Finally, the tight knit feeling of the Duke team and the prospects of playing for Coach Mike Krzyzewski were hard to turn down.
“My family is very close. So it was important for me to feel at home,” Paulus said.
“With Coach K, he’ll not only help me one the court but off it too. He’s an unbelievable man and it is just an honor to meet him. I’m really excited to be apart of the program and to work closely with him.”