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Pangos: Barton shines

LONG BEACH, Calif.- The first session of the Pangos All American Camp is in the books and a number of prospects impressed, including prolific scorer Will Barton.
Will Barton (2010)- The wiry shooting guard is establishing himself as one of the best scorers in the class. Name a way to score, and Barton probably got the ball in the bucket that way during the first session. Barton, also, delivered some impressive passes off the dribble. There is a sense of passion and flair in his game that is enjoyable to watch. He does need to put on weight primarily for the defensive end, but his length for his position serves him well.
Terrence Jones (2010)- If Joes makes three-pointers like he did in the first session, he is one of the very best skilled four men in the class. His court vision and feel for passing the ball is top shelf, and he also has the size to be effective inside. He has the type of game that will be tough to match up with at the next level.
James Johnson (2010)- This 6-foot-9 post player has some bounce to his game and is quick to the ball. He gave the taller, but slower Alex Kirk fits with his aggressive play. James plays with an aggression that coaches crave in big guys.
Harrison Barnes (2010)- Barnes played with a quiet confidence in the first session and methodically worked his way into scoring a bunch of points. His versatility as a scorer and his basketball IQ allow him to take advantage of any misstep or let down by the defense.
Quincy Miller (2011)- How about four three-pointers for the developing and long forward? Miller also threw in a couple shot fake moves where he scored. His upside is extremely intriguing.
Ramon Eaton (2011)- Just caught some glimpses of Eaton, and they were impressive. He looked athletic and smooth with the ball as a long, skilled forward.
Keaton Miles (2011)- Miles made athletic plays from baseline to baseline and threw in some smooth looking jump shots as well. On a first look he made me think of former Florida Gator Cory Brewer.
Shabazz Muhammad (2012)- This left handed wing prospect continues to impress. On top of his athleticism and serious approach to the game, Muhammed also knocked down jumpers from a variety of spots on the court. He projects as a truly elite prospect.
Joe Jackson (2010)- Jackson displayed some serious speed with the basketball and defensive prowess pressuring the ball in the backcourt.
Tarik Black (2010)- Every time he hits the court he impresses with his athleticism and motor. Black, might be a tad undersized, but he has a terrific build and long arms. A couple times he snatched defensive rebounds and went coast to coast for dunks. His jumper does need work, but this is a prospect whose stock continues to rise.
Luke Cothron (2010)- As Rivals.com written before, Cothron is simply a natural basketball player. Comfortable with the ball in his hands, Cothron came up with some impressive finishes against contact. This impressed because the knock on Cothron is that he is too much of a finesse player and not always aggressive enough. He is also a dangerous shot blocker
Pe'Shon Howard (2010)- Rivals.com has always loved Howard's strength with the basketball and stability as a floor leader. During the first session he elevated his game by knocking down jumpers.
Devin Coleman (2011)- As a big guard, Coleman caught my eye with his strong all around play. Look forward to evaluating him further.
Christian Garrett (2011)- Garrett, who is a thin play maker as a 6-foot-4 lefty, also caught the eye like Coleman.
Rodney Purvis (2013)- Don't know that I've ever written about an eighth grader before, but Purvis deserves a mention. He was terrific at the Tournament of Champions in the 15-Under division, and he was impressive last night playing against the big boys. Purvis is a well built point guard at close to 6-foot-3 who can make all the plays.