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Pangos All-American Camp: Players who impressed players

Sam Walters
Sam Walters

LAS VEGAS – The 20th Annual ​Pangos All-American Camp took place just miles away from the Vegas Strip early this week, and the future of college and pro basketball showed out for the event. As part of its camp coverage, asked campers which players they played with or against at the event that impressed them the most. Their answers are listed below.


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THE PLAYER: Sam Walters

WHY HE IMPRESSED: “I played against him yesterday. That guy has an all-around game. He rebounds but he also shoots it. He hit, I think, five in a row against us. He does a lot of things, and I like his game a lot.” – Four-star guard Tahaad Pettiford



THE PLAYER: Elliot Cadeau

WHY HE IMPRESSED: “That’s an aggressive guy, and the way he uses that and his size to get to the basket is impressive. Then, his explosiveness. His explosiveness makes up for his size. It makes it so it don’t even matter.” – Five-star guard Marvel Allen


THE PLAYER: Justin Edwards 

WHY HE IMPRESSED: “He’s a big, lanky guard. What is he, like, 6-foot-7? And even with that size, he can really do everything.” – Four-star forward Amier Ali


THE PLAYER: Tyler Rolison

WHY HE IMPRESSED: “He does so much. He can get to the paint with ease and does it a lot, but then you realize he can also shoot the ball.” – Guard Sebastian Mack


THE PLAYER: Caleb Holt 

WHY HE IMPRESSED: “He was the only eighth-grader here, and I didn’t even know he was in eighth grade until I asked. He said he was 14 and I didn’t even believe him at first. You can tell he’s going to be good.” – Five-star wing Justin Edwards


THE PLAYER: Brandon Gardner

WHY HE IMPRESSED: “He seemed really good to me. He actually impressed me a lot. He might be the most athletic person I’ve played with. I can throw a lob anywhere up there and he’ll always catch it.” – Five-star guard Elliot Cadeau


THE PLAYER: Sean Stewart 

WHY HE IMPRESSED: “He’s pretty good, man. Hops-wise, he’s impressive and just his motor, too. He keeps going. It seems like he never stops. He plays through everything. If he is missing shots outside, it’s not going to hurt you because he’s still getting all the rebounds, getting put-backs and getting dunks.” – Four-star guard Wesley Yates


THE PLAYER: Xavier Booker 

WHY HE IMPRESSED: “I didn’t know too much about him, but then I played against him. That guy is big but also very mobile. He knows how to use his body and is really coordinated.” – Four-star forward Isaiah Miranda


THE PLAYER: Aden Holloway 

WHY HE IMPRESSED: “He’s tough, man. He’s also crafty and knows how to get to his spots.” – Four-star guard Chris Johnson