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On the Bounce with Coach Meyer, Youth Festival

In this first installment of On the Bounce with Coach Meyer, Rivals.com national scout Jerry Meyer evaluates players from the North and East teams in the USA Basketball Youth Development Festival in Colorado Springs, Colo.
Note that all measurements are from the festival and in bare feet.
Eric Devendorf (2005, 6-2.5, 177 pounds, 7-8 reach, combo guard, Central High School, Bay City, Mich.)
Devendorf is a feisty competitor with skill and athleticism. He can shoot it off-the-pass and also create his own shot from the dribble. A true combo player, he is a talented distributor with both hands.
Chris Douglas-Roberts (2005, 6-5, 177 pounds, 8-3.5 reach, combo guard, Cass Tech High School, Detroit, Mich.)
A wiry combo guard, Douglas-Roberts is a limited athlete but compensates for it with great body control. A mediocre outside shooter with a release from the left side of his body, he prefers to slash to the basket. While he can play point on offense, he struggles guarding penetrators on the perimeter.
Bobby Frasor (2005 , 6-3, 192 pounds, 7-9 reach, combo guard, North Carolina commitment, Brother Rice High School, Chicago, Ill.)
Frasor is a combo guard who is most dangerous shooting off screens. A solid all-around player with a high basketball IQ, Frasor can make all the plays as long as he is not overwhelmed by a superior athlete.
Luke Zeller (2005, 6-9.5, 230 pounds, 8-6.5 reach, power forward, Notre Dame commitment, Washington High School, Washington, Ind.)
Zeller is primarily a mid-range catch-and-shoot jump shooter, preferring to face the basket rather than bang inside. He will be a good player in the high post but needs to add strength and toughness.
Josh McRoberts (2005, 6-10.5, 241 pounds, 8-8.5 reach, power forward, Duke commitment, Carmel, Ind.)
Originally a shooting forward, McRoberts is using his talent to develop into a highly-skilled power forward. A strong rebounder and outlet passer, McRoberts also has power and skill. An above average athlete, he is efficient and can make big plays. McRoberts can finish with either hand in the post and has impressive up-and-under moves. He continues to show that he knows how to play.
Julian Wright (2005, 6-7.5, 214 pounds, 8-7 reach, small forward, Homewood High School, Flossmoor, Ill.)
Wright is a quick and athletic defender with a 7-1 wing span. On the offensive end, he excels at slashing to the basket and passing the ball, which he can do effectively with either hand. Best at scoring around the basket, he is not much of a perimeter threat.
Clarence Holloway (2005, 6-10.5, 285 pounds, 8-9 reach, center, Louisville commitment, Fenger Academy, Chicago, Ill.)
Big bodied and long with a reach of 8-9, Holloway is developing into a talented center. He can score in the post with an effective spin move to either direction and can make the high/low pass from the high post. In need of a jump hook, Holloway also needs vast improvement in his mobility up and down the court and his explosiveness around the basket. He has the size and upside to be a NBA player.
DeAndre Thomas (2005, 6-6.5, 306 pounds, 8-4.5 reach, power forward, Westinghouse High School, Chicago, Ill.)
Overweight but working to cut back, Thomas is surprisingly mobile. He has the skills of a small forward who can put it on the floor, pass, and hit the face-up jumper. Limited defensively, he can only guard a post player and does not get much lift off the floor.
Brandon Rush (2005, 6-5.5, 202 pounds, 84 reach, small forward, Mt. Zion Academy, Kansas City, Mo.)
Rush is gradually developing the mentality and skill of an elite prospect. A tremendous north and south athlete who can run and jump with the best of the country, he is also a strong one-on-one player who can get to the basket and finish on difficult shots. A good offensive rebounder when he puts in the effort, his passing and defense need work and he needs to get stronger to help his post play.
Dominic James (2005, 5-11, 172 pounds, 7-6 reach, point guard, Richmond High School, Richmond, Ind.)
Short but powerfully built, James is a physical lockdown defender. He is quick with the ball and a good finisher around the basket. With a lackluster shooting touch from the outside, his penetration and kick-out skills need improvement.
Demond Carter (2006, 5-9.5, 167 pounds, 7-3 reach, point guard, Reserve Christian School, LaPlace, La.)
Carter can shoot off the catch and penetrate with the ball. His size is a defensive liability but he has impressive strength and quickness. Usually a good ballhandler, he still gets careless and commits turnovers periodically.
Greg Paulus (2005, 6-1, 189 pounds, 7-6.5 reach, point guard, Duke commitment, Christian Brothers Academy, Manilus, N.Y.)
Paulus is capable of big numbers of assists and turnovers with his high risk/reward passing. Still, his most important and telling attribute is that he is a winner who makes the players around him better. He is an above average shooter but struggles to defend scorers.
Shane Clark (2005, 6-6, 185 pounds, 8-5.5 reach, small forward, Villanova commitment, Cardinal Dougherty High School, Philadelphia, Penn.)
Clark is a very good athlete with an amazing wing span of 7-1 for his height. His shooting range only reaches 12 feet and his mechanics need work as well. Not yet a good handler or passer, he can effectively put it on the floor and score inside his range. Has a nice upside.
Eric Price (2005, 6-0.5, 162 pounds, 7-8 reach, point guard, Blair Academy, Rockville, Mary.)
Price is quick with the ball but is prone to questionable decisions. He is quick on defense, but his lack of physicality can be a problem defensively. An above average shooter off-the-catch from three.
Marcus Ginyard (2005, 6-4.5, 200 pounds, 8-1 reach, combo guard, North Carolina commitment, Bishop O'Connell High School, Alexandria, Vir.)
Strong and athletic with good size for a guard, Ginyard is a tremendous defender on both point and shooting guards who rebounds his position very well. Not a great scorer or handler, Ginyard is still solid offensively at both guard positions. He excels offensively in the open court.
Curtis Kelly (2006, 6-6.5, 211 pounds, 8-4 reach, small forward, Rice High School, New York, N.Y.)
Rapidly developing the ability to score, Kelly has the potential to become a small forward on the next level. The lefty has a nice jump hook and can knock down the 15-footer. From the mid-post he is adept at creating his own shot. Defensively, he is a long, quick shot blocker. He has a huge upside.
Vernon Macklin (2006, 6-9.5, 207 pounds, 8-8.5 reach, power forward, I.C. Norcom High School, Portsmouth, Vir.)
Macklin is terrific athlete with a wingspan of 7-1. He can block shots and crash the offensive boards. He can create a shot but is still developing finishing ability. The mechanics on his jump shot also need work. He has a huge upside.
Andray Blatche (2005, 6-10.5, 236 pounds, 8-10.5 reach, power forward, Heninger High School, Syracuse N.Y.)
Blatche is a smooth athlete with a reach of 8-10.5. He has good skills with the ball and could even develop into an offensive small forward. On defense he lacks the lateral quickness to guard the small forward position. A strong shot blocker inside, he is prone to emotional outbursts but could play basketball for a long time if he keeps his emotions in check.
Gerald Henderson (2006, 6-4.5, 210 pounds, 8-3 reach, small forward, Episcopal Academy, Merion, Pa.)
Henderson has a strong, springy, athletic body. He has a skill package to make plays, although he has not refined any one skill yet. When he does specialize he should become a very strong all-around player. He has a huge upside.
Derrick Caracter (2006, 6-8.5, 301 pounds, 7 wing span, power forward, Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School, Elizabeth, N.J.)
As Caracter gets bigger he is losing his mobility. He struggles to get off the floor to rebound and contest shots. Caracter is still a very skilled player with the ball and is a very good passer who brings three-point range into his triple-threat arsenal. Attitude issues could be a problem.
Brandon Costner (2005, 6-7.5, 218 pounds, 8-4 reach, small forward, Seton Hall Prep, East Orange N.J.)
Costner has a great stroke from the three-point line. The lefty is an above average passer and has a nice fade away jumper over his right shoulder. His quickness and explosiveness need to improve as he struggles to defend and get to the basket. He must get stronger to limit his defensive shortcomings.