Offers Piling up for 2006 Dahlman

The No. 34 ranked player in the class of 2006 Isaiah Dahlman caught the attention of coaches around the country while playing for the Howard Pulley 17-under squad and at the Nike All-American Camp. The 6-foot-6, 175-pound shooting guard from Braham (Minn.) High School already has a plethora of offers.
"I like Michigan State, Iowa, Boston College, North Carolina, Arizona, Iowa State, Wisconsin, and Georgia Tech,” said Dahlman. “Right now I’d say those are my favorites. I have received scholarship offers from Michigan State, Iowa, Boston College, Arizona, Iowa State, Purdue, Michigan, and Washington State among others."
In order to get Dahlman a school needs to be a contender for a national title as well as being a solid all around fit.
"I’m looking for a school that has a good chance to win the National Championship,” he said. “It has to be a school that is a good fit for me both academically and athletically. They must have a good support system academically. I want to go to a well rounded school, a place where I will have a good time and enjoy myself."
Although Dahlman has plenty of opportunities to commit early, he is comfortable with waiting until he knows he has found the right fit.
"I don't have a time table as to when I’ll commit,” he said. “When I find a place that I think is right for me, I won’t hesitate to make a commitment. If it takes a while, that’s also fine with me."
Dahlman has the size and skills to play shooting guard at the highest level. The lefty has a smooth stroke with range and is very good at creating space off the dribble for the midrange jumper. He also handles well, sees the floor, and has a very good feel for the game. Athletically, he jumps well and has very good body control, but he needs to get drastically stronger and improve his lateral quickness. To reach his full potential, he must become a more physical and aggressive player, which the cerebral guard understands.
"By the time I go to college I want to be a lot stronger,” he said. “I also need to work on my defensive quickness. My shooting has to continue to improve if I want to play ball after college. I also need to get more aggressive on the boards. I believe I am a hard worker, and I will continue to get better."