Offers, coaches coming in for Vargas

There is a trend in Eloy Vargas's recruitment. First the assistant coaches come to see the 6-foot-10, 210-pound forward from American Heritage in Hollywood, Fla.
A week later, sometimes shorter than that, the head coaches arrive. Then things like this are said: "I can't believe more people aren't recruiting him. When I watch kids like this, I'm usually sitting next to Coach K and an assistant from UConn."
That is what is happening for the No. 73 ranked player in the class of 2008, according to Vargas's AAU coach Brionne Gillion.
"I was talking to (a coach) and he said that it is a joke watching this kid. He's so good that he is usually sitting in a gym with (more high-major programs)," Gillion said.
Vargas worked out for North Carolina and Clemson on Wednesday. It is the second time the Tigers have been down to see him and the first for Oliver Purnell. Gillion said Roy Williams will be down later in the month. Pittsburgh's Jamie Dixon has been in to see him. He could make a second trip soon. Leonard Hamilton has been down, marking two quick trips for Florida State. Maryland is coming on Friday. West Virginia and Wichita State have been in as well.
"It feels good," Vargas said. "It is exciting. I'm playing good but not too good. I can do much better. I have family back home that can't see me play so I'm happy that I can play for somebody."
Vargas has come on strong since coming to the United States in May of 2005 from the Dominican Republic.
"When he first got here, he was 6-8, 160," Gillion said. "He is 210 now. He's getting stronger and getting better. I mean, this kid came from a third world country and now he's playing like this and can only get better. Depending on when you saw him when he first got here, you'd think he was a joke. Now he has a chance to be one of the top 25 players in his class.
"You don't find guys that have his size and shoot the ball like he can. He's like a guard out there but he can go into triple threat mode against big guys. He'll block shots and get in there and rebound."
Once an unknown player outside of Florida, Vargas is now holding offers from Pittsburgh, Nebraska, Miami and Florida, according to Gillion.