Nothing happening soon for Randolph

Contrary to internet rumors that Anthony Randolph has committed to Kentucky, Randolph's high school coach Pat Washington says his big man is not even down to a top ten school list yet.
"At the beginning of the summer, Anthony will narrow it down to ten schools," said Coach Washington of Woodrow Wilson High School in Dallas. "After that, he will probably go to six schools and then three schools. At this point he is wide open. He won't have a decision until the fall sometime, or he might even push a decision back until December.
"I'm a firm believer in letting a player go through the recruiting process and hear from all suitors. Now, if the parents say he is tired of the process and needs to get it over with, that is another thing.
"I don't see him committing any time soon. There are a lot of factors like who else schools are recruiting."
Randolph, who has the potential to move up even farther in the Rivals150, landed at No. 7 in the pre-summer Rivals150 for the class of 2007.
The 6-foot-10, 210-pound combo forward is expected to play with the Dallas Mustangs in two weeks at the Tournament of Champions in Capel Hill, North Carolina.
Anthony Randolph scouting report:
Far from a polished prospect, Randolph, long, athletic lefty, has the tools to be a big time player. He handles and passes the ball proficiently for a player his size. He is constantly a threat to turn a steal or defensive rebound into a scoring opportunity on the other end, and he also has a very nice shooting stroke although his shot selection can be questionable. Not much of a post up player at this point in his development, Randolph does his damage around the basket as an offensive rebounder. Around the basket on defense, he is very difficult to score over. The sky is the limit for Randolph if he gets stronger and learns to discipline his game.