NIKE Hoop Jamboree: Vol. 3

The bulk of talent at the NIKE Hoop Jamboree was in the 2009 class, but there were some awfully good 2010 and 2011 prospects in attendance. Ralston Turner was impressive in his role on the championship team, but the prospect with the most star power out of the youngsters, and perhaps the whole camp, was 2011 prospect LaQuinton Ross.
2011 Prospects
LaQuinton Ross- Ross has the makings of a burgeoning Tracy McGrady type player. At 6-foot-6 and with a scary wingspan of 7-feet, Ross is deftly skilled with the basketball. He can shoot it with range and put it on the floor with either hand. As a finisher, he has most every shot in the book in his repertoire. Certainly, he needs to get stronger and tighten up his game. He's not afraid to force a shot and will lose the ball on the dribble to pesky defenders. But the fact is that he has all the tools to be an elite player, and he hasn't even played a high school game.
LeBryan Nash- An extremely well put together 6-foot-5, 212-pounds small forward prospect, Nash is a power player compared to the finesse player that Ross is. Nash is effective posting up, and he doesn't need a mismatch either. He also handled the ball well in the open court. It is evident that Nash has spent time in the post and is expanding his game to the perimeter which will only help him develop into a more compete player who knows how to match both his strength and athleticism to a diverse skill set.
Zach Peters- Another small forward at 6-foot-6, 203-pounds, Peters doesn't have the athleticism of Ross nor the strength of Nash, but he certainly has a lot of game. A Kyle Singler type of player, Peters can do a little bit of everything on the court. His jumper is developing, but he handles the ball at a high level and is adept at using either hand around the basket.
Matt Carlino- A crafty ball handler with better than expected athleticism, Carlino did one of the better jobs at the camp of running his team and involving his teammates. A heady point guard, Carlino has a complete and solid skill set.
2010 Prospects
Ralston Turner- An efficient player who plays under control and with a purpose, Turner is the prototypical high major shooting guard. He has a quick release on his jumper and is accurate at both long range and off the dribble in the midrange. And he handles the ball well enough to spend some time at the point and has the strength to even move over to the small forward position.
Jereme Richmond- A silky smooth wing player, Richmond has a chance to have a tremendous career at Illinois and possibly beyond. Shoots the three-ball effortlessly with a soft touch and is poised and skilled with the ball. He does need to build his body and develop a more physical side to his game, but there is no denying his talent.
C.J. Leslie- At 6-foot-8, Leslie is quite an intriguing prospect as a combo forward. A very active player with a versatile skill game, he was constantly impacting the game all over the court. His shooting range does need to improve, but Leslie has a complete skill package that makes him a very attractive prospect.
Gary Franklin- A complete combo guard prospect, Franklin was one of the most solid guard prospects in the camp. His athleticism is far from overwhelming, but he has a mind for the game and can really shoot the ball. He did a nice job running the point. And although he is not a vertical athlete, he moves well laterally and has the strength to hold off his opponent.
Dominique Ferguson- At 6-foot-8, Ferguson, who is a combo forward, has a freakish wingspan of 7-foot-5. He uses that length effectively on the boards and as a defender. Capable of knocking down a three-pointer, Ferguson can also put the ball on the floor and get to the rim. Like Leslie, he is an intriguing combo forward prospect.
Tyler Lamb- His outside shooting prowess has already been well documented, but Lamb is now adding a dribble game to his repertoire. He is not going to beat you with his athleticism, but with his threatening shot fake, he doesn't need a lot of athleticism to score off the bounce. Lamb looks to be one of the better shooting guards in the 2010 class.
Dion Waiters- A physical Philly guard, Waiters was impressive both handling the ball and playing off the ball in St. Louis. Strong with the ball, he was able to create shots in multiple areas of the court and shot the ball well. The tools are also there to be an outstanding defender.
Phil Pressey- Yes, he is undersized, but with a game that resembles Jai Lucas' game, Pressey gets results. He keeps his dribble alive, to a fault at times, and has a knack for getting into the lane and making high degree of difficulty shots amongst the tall lumber. Try to play off him, and he will knockdown the three-pointer. Defensively, his size can be a problem, but generally he makes up for it with his peskiness.