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Nike Hoop Jamboree 2011 standouts

ST. LOUIS- Top prospects in the 2011 and 2012 classes descended upon St. Louis University for the Nike Hoop Jamboree last weekend. Out of the 2011 class, no prospect stood out more than highly skilled forward Quincy Miller. Here is a breakdown on Miller and the other 2011 standouts.
Quincy Miller (6-foot-8, 9-foot reach- all measurements in bare feet) – Miller is on his way to becoming an elite prospect as a hybrid forward. He is a three-point shooting threat who can attack the basket with either hand and also change direction with the ball on the move. As a finisher, Miller isn't going to over power defenders, but with a poised approach he uses fakes, pivots and his length to create scoring space. The one thing Miller lacks as a prospect is physical strength, but he has plenty of tools to make up for a lack of strength. And if he gets significantly stronger, he has a ceiling so high it is tough to gauge.
Kyle Wiltjer (6-foot-8, 8-foot-9.5 reach) – Like Miller, Wiltjer is thin and physically weak at this point, but he has an exceptional scoring touch with deep range. Overall, Wiltjer has an advanced offensive skill package and a feel for getting to the ball. The level of his development in terms of physical toughness will determine his level as a prospect.
Mikael Hopkins (6-foot-7.5, 8-foot-9.5 reach) – Hopkins is an athletic post player with potential as a face up player. He didn't shoot the ball from the outside, but Hopkins did attack the basket off the dribble. Already an aggressive rebounder, he has an impressive physical frame that is certain to bulk up.
Zach Price (6-foot-8.5, 8-foot-11 reach) – A long lefty, Price's go-to move is a reliable jumper with his strong hand. Still rough around the edges and not adept at scoring over his left shoulder, he is an intriguing prospect with his athleticism and length. Price also plays with a solid motor as a defender and rebounder.
Grandy Glaze (6-foot-4.5, 8-foot-5.5) – You certainly can't judge Glaze's game by his physical measurements. Although he is significantly undersized, Glaze has exceptional strength and as good a motor as you'll find in a big man. Constantly on the attack, Glaze scores in traffic and rebounds in a crowd. His game won't be for every program, but there is likely a high major program who will be happy to take a chance on an undersized warrior.
P.J. Hairston (6-foot-4, 8-foot-5 reach) – Hairston scorched the nets throughout the weekend in St. Louis. His most unique attribute is his ability to catch the ball on a tough cut away from the basket and then stroke a jumper from deep range. He is taking the ball to the basket enough to keep the defense honest, and he also displayed promise as a passer during the event.
Sheldon McClellan (6-foot-4.5, 8-foot-3 reach) – Another smooth shooter from outside, McClellan has the tools to score points in bunches once he gets to Texas. When he plays with focus and energy, he is a high level wing prospect who also has upside as an athlete.
Keaton Miles (NA) – Miles arrived late to the camp, but quickly made a strong impression. Quick off the floor as a leaper, Miles has a versatile game as a small forward. Like many underclassmen prospects, gaining physical strength will be the key to just how successful Miles will be with his skilled and versatile game.
Branden Dawson (6-foot-5, 8-foot-5 reach) – Dawson is a strong athlete whose physical strength is one of his greatest assets. He plays big for his position and can do a variety of things on the court. What level he can reach as a prospect as a lot to do with the development of his shooting range.
Quddus "Deuce" Bello (6-foot-3, 8-foot-3.5 reach) – A big time athlete who plays with energy, Bello is a raw prospect with a lot of natural ability to work with. His improved ball handling is allowing him to tap into his explosive athleticism off the bounce. And he has great potential as a defender. At this point it doesn't look like he will be much of an outside shooter or a physical player, so playing in an open, up tempo college system is a must for Bello.
Kentavious Caldwell (6-foot-4, 8-foot-3 reach) – Caldwell is a multidimensional player maker as a combo guard. As a scorer he can slash through the defense for buckets and knock down jumpers from deep. He also displayed the ability to handle the ball as a point guard. These skills along with his athleticism and focused mindset make Caldwell a five-star talent.
Ky Madden (6-foot-3, 8-foot-2.5 reach) – Athletic and skilled, Madden is loaded with upside. In the process of developing into a point guard, Madden displayed the court vision and natural ability to successfully make the transition. A high level shooter already, Madden has tremendous value as a shooting guard, nonetheless.
Marquis Rankin (5-foot-11, 7-foot-10.5) – Unfortunately, Rankin went down with an ankle injury early in his second game, but he showed enough in the first game to understand why he is such a coveted prospect. To go along with his speed with the basketball, Rankin has long arms and physical strength. He finishes well at the basket and shoots well from the outside while also having a feel for passing the ball.
Jabari Brown (6-foot-3, 8-foot-2) – An impressively built shooting guard, Brown made shots from deep and also finished with authority around the basket. Also a high level defender and rebounder, Brown is simply a shooting guard with an impressive overall game.
Naadir Tharpe (5-foot-10.5, 7-foot-8 reach) – A high level ball handler, Tharpe was one of the best playmakers at the camp. He consistently set up scorers and also was a disruptive presence on the defensive end. As a scorer, he came up with buckets going to the basket but struggled shooting the ball from behind the arc.
Achraf Yacoubou (6-foot-3, 8-foot-2 reach) – Yacoubou shot the ball as well from behind the arc as any prospect at the camp. The sturdily built shooting guard is also a solid ball handler.
Darell Longstreet (NA) – The 6-foot point guard made an immediate impression with his solid decision making and overall playmaking to go along with a more than reliable pull up jumper