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Nike Hoop Jam - Perimeter player breakdown

ST. LOUIS - Now in it's 13th year of existence, the Nike Hoop Jamboree has emerged as a very important event. An underclassmen camp that annually features many of the nation's top rising sophomores and juniors - and the occasional rising freshman - the Hoop Jam is a place where many young prospects put themselves on the map and get their introduction to the Grassroots world. Almost as importantly, it's been a venue where some wannabe phenoms find out just how many players there are nationally and how hard they have to work if they hope to remain a top prospect.
The 2011 edition of the Hoop Jam was long on talent and today we will take a look at some of the perimeter players who stood out, led by Providence native Ricardo Ledo and Hartford's Kuran Iverson before covering the big guys tomorrow.
Perimeter notables from Hoop Jam
Ricardo Ledo, SG- One of the most dominant players in attendance, there were times where the near 6-foot-5 shooting guard was toying with those attempting to guard him. He plays with confidence, can generate space for his dangerous jump shot at will and is an athletic finisher near the rim. When discussing class of 2012 shooting guard prospects, Ledo's name has to be very near if not at the top of the list at this point.
Kuran Iverson, SF- Looking long term, the 6-foot-7 Iverson was arguably the top prospect in attendance. The rising sophomore has a very impressive handle for a rising sophomore, can get to the rim, makes some jumpers and is a high level athlete. There were times that he looked like a young Penny Hardaway out there while running the point. He's still young and still has a lot of loose ends to tie up, but he's got the talent to be a special prospect with work.
Archie Goodwin, SG, Little Rock (Ark.) Sylvan Hills- Entering the camp, there wasn't much buzz on Goodwin although those who had seen him told us to expect good things. They were right! The athletic wing was unstoppable at times on the offensive end where he has a pretty complete arsenal of scoring moves off the dribble and a true jumper. He competes on each end and is a no-brainer recruit at the high major level.
Jaylen Beckham, PG, Newark (N.J.) St. Benedict- After playing his first couple of seasons at Lexington (Ky.) Catholic, the six foot tall junior to be is headed east for the rest of high school. In St. Louis, Beckham was one of the top floor generals in camp. A high level athlete with exceptional lateral quickness, he gets into the lane and creates offense for himself and others. Defensively, he's a standout and among the top on the ball defenders we've seen in 2012.
Anrio Adams, SG, Seattle (Wash.) Franklin- Listed on the camp roster as a point guard, Adams looks to be more comfortable as a scorer off of the ball. He can handle, but it's generally to create for himself and he can be a pretty effective scorer at the rim given his 6-foot-1 ½ size. He's a streak shooter who will become more deadly as a scorer as he irons out some kinks on his jumper.
Chris Thomas, SG, Lanham (Md.) Country Day- A native of Denver, this sophomore to be is an electric wing scorer at 6-foot-4 ½ . He creates off the dribble, can get to the rim and puts up points in a hurry when dialed in from deep. Not surprisingly, he's a bit erratic in both efforts and results but he's got the talent to be a five-star prospect down the road if he wants to put in the work.
Marcus Paige, PG, Marion (Iowa) Linn-Mar- Having already established himself as one of the top point guards in the class of 2012, Paige played like he usually does. The skinny southpaw is a team guy who gets people where they need to be and then delivers the ball. He shot well, showed some explosion to the hoop and didn't make very many mistakes.
Siyani Chambers, PG, Minnetonka (Minn.) Hopkins- Another lefty point, Chambers is similar to Marcus Paige in style and effectiveness, he's just a little bit shorter at 5-11. His first step is quick, he keeps his head up to survey his options and he's a good enough scorer that defenders can't afford to play him for the pass.
Braxton Ogbueze, PG, Charlotte (N.C.) Vance- Measuring in at just a hair under six feet tall, he's a powerfully built 181 pounder. Quick and under control, he loves to hit defenders with a series of crossovers and hesitation dribbles before pulling up for jumpers between 12 and 17 feet. Though undersized, he could slide over and play the two because of his pull-up shooting. He's a competitor, but could look to involve others more rather than looking for more shots as some of his supporters were imploring him to do.
Peter Jok, SG/SF, Des Moines (Iowa) Roosevelt- One of the most productive 2013 guys in camp, Jok wields a pretty jump shot that is true to beyond the three point line. Measuring in at 6-foot-4 ½ he's got good size for a wing shooter and looks like he may have some growing left to do. Few guys in camp could match his mid-post game where he's got the turnaround jumper down.
Cameron Biedscheid, SF, St. Louis (Mo.) Cardinal Ritter- Measuring in at 6-foot-6 ½ , he's got outstanding size for a wing but needs to add strength to his skinny 167 pound frame. A pure jump shooter with deep range and a quick release, he also has athleticism to finish in traffic and can score in the mid-range.
Nigel Williams-Goss, SG, Henderson (Nev.) Findlay Prep- A slender scoring guard who can play at the one as well, he's not flashy but is certainly effective. One of the camp's leading scorers he loves to blend pull-ups, floaters and deep jumpers all together. Works hard to establish position away from the ball.
J.P. Tokoto, SF, Menomonee Falls (Wis.) High- Maybe the guy in camp with the biggest reputation, Tokoto is clearly a freaky athlete with outstanding body control. He's definitely improved his ball handling and he was making a fair amount of his often questioned jumper. He had his moments, but he was very quiet at times and could be much more assertive/aggressive and play with more physical edge.
Ishmael Wainright, SF, Raytown (Mo.) South- Standing 6-foot-4, the 2013 prospect is a well put together 208 pounder with an absurd 7-foot-2 inch wingspan. A good ball handler, he was a little too passive at times given his ability to score when he is attacking the rim.
Deonte Burton, SF, Milwaukee (Wis.) Vincent- Another physically impressive 2013 small forward, the 210 pounder plays hard on the offensive end. He's a slasher who gets to the rim and has a terrific first step. He will get on the glass, but also loses a lot of focus on the defensive end.
Rasheed Sulaimon, SG/PG, Houston (Texas) Strake Jesuit- The junior to be has been very good since the end of the high school season and he continued his fine play in St. Louis. A good jump shooter who is adding to his game off of the dribble.
Keith Frazier, SG, Irving (Texas) High- A good looking two guard prospect with outstanding size (6-foot-4 ½ and 183 pounds) and good athleticism, he's built to score. A very good jump shooter, he can catch defenders sleeping when he attacks on the dribble. As the rising sophomore learns to play with intensity each time out, he has a chance to develop into an elite level prospect.
Isaac Hamilton, 6-4 SG, Los Angeles (Calif.) Crenshaw- A 6-foot-4 shooter from the class of 2013, Hamilton is proving that he's more than just Jordan Hamilton's little brother. He's got game off the dribble and via the jumper and is easily a high level prospect. Chances are he ends up at Arlington (Texas) Grace Prep for his sophomore season.
Gary Harris, SG, Fishers (Ind.) Hamilton Southeast- Although he wasn't quite as dominant as he's been in other venues, he had his moments and drew a ton of praise from his fellow campers. The 6-foot-4 Harris shot the ball pretty well, displayed high level athleticism and will be under serious consideration for five star status in the class of 2012.
Rapheal Davis, SG/SF, Ft. Wayne (Ind.) South Side- Quietly, Davis was among the camp's leading scorers. At 6-foot-4, he's got good strength and is a very good shooter from deep. Would love to see the Purdue commit use his strength to his advantage a bit more and attack the rim with more frequency.
Andrew Harrison & Aaron Harrison, SG, Houston (Texas) Strake Jesuit- Andrew actually checks in half an inch taller (6-foot-5) and four pounds heavier (207) than his twin brother Aaron but they have basically the same build and are both fine athletes. Easy to identify as high major prospects, both play pretty hard and can score. Andrew looks to be more of a playmaker while Aaron looks like he might be more of a scorer.
Glenn Robinson, Jr., SF, St. John (Ind.) Lake Central- Slowly but surely, the 188 pound rising junior is coming into his own. His jumper has become something to be respected out to the three point line, he's blossoming as an athlete and starting to fill out. Now, he just needs to play with the confidence of a high major prospect.
Jeremy Hollowell, SF, Indianapolis (Ind.) Lawrence Central- The state of Indiana is loaded with wing talent in the class of 2012 and Hollowell is right near the top of the list. He's got excellent size at 6-foot-6, 195 pounds and he plays a balanced inside/outside game.
Jerami Grant, SF, Hyattsville (Md.) DeMatha- The latest of the Grant brothers, the 6-foot-5 ½ Jerami is a fine shooter from deep with excellent overall size and length. He can create off the dribble but is a little too reliant on his jumper at this point. All of the tools to be a high major are there.
Devonte Pollard, SF, Porterville (Miss.) Kemper County- In a gym full of high level run and jump athletes, Pollard was way up near the top. A ridiculous leaper who can get his head to rim level, he's exciting in the open floor. The lefty was knocking down jumpers out to the three point line and just needs to be more assertive on the offensive end.
DeOndre Haynes, PG, Calera (Ala.) High- Haynes put up huge numbers as a sophomore and the speedy 6-foot-2 point guard can certainly get to the rim off the bounce. He's athletic, takes pretty good care of the ball and can get others involved when he's not looking to score.