Ndudi Ebi Luol Deng -- Now What

For the past week there was increased confidence in the state of Arizona that
Ndudi Ebi,'s seventh ranked player, would play out West and not in the South or Southwest. In fact, some schools involved in the recruiting process thought privately that Arizona had gained strength over the past week. Previously, many recruiting onlookers thought it would come down to Duke and Texas.
But the exceptional job put forth by the Arizona coaching staff over the past few weeks helped the Wildcats turn the corner and win this important recruiting battle. What the Ebi victory by Arizona also means is that Duke will have to turn up the pressure on Luol Deng. A recent phone conversation between Deng and Ndudi, according to a source close to Ebi, indicated that Duke was never a leader in this recruiting process. Ebi had told Deng, according to our source, that he was leaning to either Arizona or Texas.
Therefore, Duke has a better shot now at getting Deng, who has elevated Virginia near the top of his list after his official visit to Charlottesville. Virginia has opened Deng's eyes and Luol enjoyed himself socially also on the visit. For those who think Deng is a done deal for Duke, straighten up -- the Cavaliers have a great shot. (We will have more later on Deng's Missouri visit)