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NCAA Tournament: Prospects make their title predictions

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With the NCAA Tournament beginning in earnest today, we asked 25 of the future stars of college basketball for their national title prediction.

Note: When applicable, we asked prospects to not pick the program to which they are currently committed or signed.

“I am going to go with Duke. Zion (Williamson) plays too hard, can’t be guarded.”

“Duke because of Zion.”

“I say Duke because they have Zion Williamson and it’s hard to stop him.”

“If I had to pick someone other than the Zags to win, it would Duke; when they are fully healthy, no one has been able to beat them besides us!”

“Duke. Zion is going take it to another level.”

“I think Duke will win this year because they have the most depth, I feel like nobody can really stop them.”

“Well, if I have to pick someone besides Duke, I would say Virginia. They are playing really well right now and they have a lot of experience.”

Auburn. I feel like they have a good balance of guards wings and bigs and they’ve been on fire lately.”

“Duke. No doubt. Who’s stopping Zion?”

“I think Duke will win the title just because they have the best player in college basketball and also have a legendary coach.”

“I think Duke will win the national title because of Zion Williamson’s will to win.”

“Duke. Zion Williamson will be a man amongst boys.”

“I got Tennessee because they got a lot of veteran guys and Admiral Schofield is a dog.”

“I think Duke wins the national championship. Their star power is going to take over in the close games but the key factor is Zion, nobody is stopping him.”

“I think Duke will simply win because they have Zion Williamson. That dude is unstoppable and I think he will tear up his opponents in the tournament. I also like how Tre Jones has been playing on the defensive end and how he’s been running the team.”

“UNC. They’re the most disciplined and have some talent, as well.”

“I got Duke. They have the firepower and they play together to win.”

“I got UNC because I have been watching them the whole season and I really like watching Coby White and Cam Johnson play.”

“Duke. They have Zion Williamson.”

“Tennessee because they can shoot the ball, they can defend the ball on the outside and in the inside, and they also have senior leadership.”

“Duke gets my pick. I feel like Zion is unstoppable right now and with him they are complete different team and he gets everyone going.”

“I think Duke because of the talent that they have along with the experience that Coach K has.”

“Duke… is there even a reason? Come on, now!”

“I’d say Duke because they have so many different people that can break the defense down and create opportunities to score. Plus, they play really tough defense and always play really hard.”

“I think Duke wins the title this year because few teams have the offensive fire power they have with Barrett, Zion, Jones and Reddish and they all can guard they play good defense, get steals, blocks, defensive rebounds and are almost a certified bucket in transition. With all of their players healthy, they’re very hard to beat.”