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NBPA Top 100: Greg Gantt sets his first three official visits

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. – Greg Gantt has blossomed into a national target this spring and has remained a priority for some of the top programs along this east coast. After narrowing his list to a group of nine, Gantt has two unofficial visits on the agenda for this month and has already scheduled three others of the official variety.

A 6-foot-8 forward that is most valued for his hard-playing mentality and versatility, Gantt discussed what he has focused on this spring. “Definitely extending my range on my jumper and my ballhandling skills,” he said. “My AAU team has been starting to use me at the 1 and the 2, so I have just been working on my playmaking and getting downhill.”

Down to a final nine, Gantt is now focused on a group consisting of Clemson, Georgia, Providence, Florida, Tennessee, Pitt, Texas, Alabama, and Vanderbilt.

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Providence: “Coach (Ed) Cooley has seen what a lot of other schools didn’t see in me very early. Over the time that he has been recruiting me, he has been real with me. He has sometimes taken off his Providence hat and given me advice on my recruitment and what to look for. He wants me to make the right decision and he even said if I don’t pick his school, he is going to follow me because he loves me that much.”

Texas: “Coach Shaka (Smart) and the whole staff, I have a great relationship with them. I see the realness in those guys and I know Texas is a place that I could play. Coach Shaka is very young and fiery and is going to bring the best out of me.”

Florida: “Coach Mike (White), I don’t know how long he has had the Florida job but I know that he is hungry to keep that Florida name going after Coach Billy Donovan. I know that it is a place that I definitely fit in and I could play at.”

Georgia: “Coach (Tom) Crean is definitely a smart guy. I know if you had an opportunity to talk to him, he is always running, running, running. He has coached a lot of pros and I know going there, he could help develop me to get to the next level.”

Clemson: “I have heard a lot of good things about Clemson, especially the family atmosphere and that is something that I am definitely looking for. I know that it isn’t much of a one-and-done place but a lot of guys go there and get better. They aren’t too far from home so why not go and visit.”

Pitt: “I just like Coach (Jeff) Capel. Both coach Capels, a matter of a fact, they are just from where I am from, they understand me, they really are trying to turn that program around and I know that it is going to be hard but I like them a lot.”

Tennessee: “I like those guys a lot. He (Rick Barnes) was on me at Texas and he has coached a lot of players in the past like PJ Tucker and KD (Kevin Durant); big wings that he knows how to use them and helped send them to the league. They use players of my caliber and my game and that is definitely a place that I will entertain because they know how to use players like me.”

Vanderbilt: “Academics are one of the biggest reasons why they are still on my list. It is like an Ivy League education. That is another school that wants to use me as a guard but also post me up and use my entire versatility. I have a good relationship with those guys. I talk to Coach (Bryce) Drew and Coach (Jake) Diebler a lot.”


Completing his time at the NBPA Top 100 Camp this week, Gantt will round out his senior travel season with the Team Felton unit on the Under Armour circuit next month.

Gantt discussed his list further and what he will be looking for in his ultimate selection. “Those nine are definitely the schools recruiting me the hardest, showing me the most love and I just want to go where I am wanted,” he said. “I want to go and visit and once I get there, I know that I am going to have a feel for the people that is going to be around me. I am going to look at the rosters and see the best chance that I have of getting onto the floor, but really where I felt he most comfortable is what it will come down.”

The top-60 junior has two visits in mind for this month with three others set tentatively for the fall. “This month, I am going to try and visit Georgia and Clemson,” he said. “I have official visits set for Providence on September 8, Texas on September 15 and Florida on the second weekend in October.”


Gantt is a super versatile prospect that can play three positions on the floor and on either end. He has become better with his jumper and handles but it is his defensive prowess, rebounding skills and athleticism that has drawn him the most praise up until this point.

Visiting Clemson and Georgia this month, Gantt remains open with the recruitment process. He could cut his list down again before committing as Providence should be seen as a favorite, though Pitt, Florida and Texas have made up major ground of late. Expect for a commitment to occur sometime in the fall with a signing in November.