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NBPA camp profile: Dominic Cheek

There is always a next at the fame St. Anthony's in Jersey City, N.J. In 2009, it is Dominic Cheek. The 6-foot-5 guard used the spring and summer to not only establish himself as the next great college prospect from the school but he's playing himself into some prime company in his class nationally.
Cheek, a skinny and skilled shooter, has learned from one of the best in the business in Bob Hurley, Sr., and continues to build on each performance.
"I'm trying to work on every part of my game. Everything coach Hurley tells me, I'm trying to put to use and make a name for myself," Cheek said.
"You have to listen to him because he knows what he is talking about. He's been around longer than I've been alive. He's seen some things. He's obviously one of the best coaches in the country. Every time I go to practice, I'm going to learn something new."
Cheek has proven himself as a dead-eye shooter from deep. At the NBPA camp, he's attacking the basket and being knocked around by the big boys in the process. However, the five-star rising junior is dusting himself off and getting back up. Cheek has proven himself as a winner, as he's piloted his Playaz 16 and under team deep into the bracket in every event they play in.
On the recruiting front, Cheek has quickly become a must-get guy in the class of 2009.
"It's blowing up a lot," Cheek said of his recruitment. "I'm getting offers from a lot of schools."
Ohio State, Pittsburgh, Miami and Syracuse have offered, he said, while Georgetown, North Carolina and a number of others are charting his progression. Cheek said he has been impressed by one particular program.
"Ohio State is looking good right now," Cheek said. "They text me or talk to my grandmother. They are getting in early."
A lot of programs are. Not a bad move. History has taught us well about St. Anthony guards in the past. Cheek is just next in line.