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NBA Players Camp: Wednesday night

Richmond, Va.-After getting their feet wet this morning in the first round of games at the NBA Players Association Top 100 Players Camp, several players, including Nayal Koshwal, Dar Tucker and Isaiah Thomas stood out. But the best performance of the night came from Anthony Randolph.
Randolph was all over the court, snagging rebounds and leading the break. When he wasn't dumping off assist passes on the run, he was filling the lanes on the break and finishing with authority.
In the half court, he hit several long jumpers and attacked on the dribble as well. One move in particular that stood out was a right handed (off hand) slashing drive down the side of the lane for wickedly quick right hand dunk.
Nayal Koshwal- He looked quite intriguing from a distance this morning, and he looked even better up close tonight. The book on Koshwal is that he is great around the basket but very limited away from the goal. Well, he did a lot to disprove that scouting report.
Twice, he caught passes on the baseline and ripped the ball to the basket, surprising his defender, for finishes. Once going right and on the other going left.
After these two drives, the defense backed off when he caught the ball at 18-feet on the baseline, and he knocked down the jumper.
He also did a great job of busting out with the dribble after defensive rebounds to ignite the fastbreak. More often not, he got rid of the ball early with long passes up the court, but once he kept it and avoided a defender at half court with a behind the back dribble.
Darquavis Tucker- Here is another player who has made huge strides in his perimeter game after bursting on the national scene last year.
As he has done all spring, Tucker nailed three-pointers and slashed to the basket. A truly ambidextrous within 10-feet of the basket, Tucker hit runners with both his left and right hand.
He also crashed the boards with authority, bringing down defensive rebounds in crowds and racking up a few tip dunks on offense.
Always playing with a revved up motor, Tucker was disruptive on defense as well.
Isaiah Thomas- The Washington commitment might be lacking in some aspects of the game, but there is no denying his explosive scoring ability. Thomas put his team on his back and led a comeback charge for a one point victory. His first victim was E'Twaun Moore, who is known for his defensive ability. Moore did have a couple nice stops, but Thomas got the better of him much more often. Then when Moore left the game, Terrence Oglesby had no chance of guarding him.
Teeng Akol- The 6-foot-11 Sundan native might force some shots and miss some open teammates, but it is refreshing to see a big man who is hungry to score and actually has some offensive moves. Akol has advanced footwork and a soft touch on the baseline.
He's not known for his defense, but heralded Yancy Gates did nothing to take advantage of that weakness in his game.
Tony Neysmith- Here is a guard that can impact the game in a variety of ways. Tonight Neysmith was all over the boards and then pushed the ball down the court for quick scores. As always he was tenacious on defense. And not known for his outside shooting, Neysmith hit his only three-point attempt.
Kalin Lucas- Coming off a strong performance this morning, Lucas got to the rim consistently despite the strong pressure defense by athletic Senario Hillman to ensure a victory for his team. Not only is Lucas very skilled with the ball, he has the strength and explosiveness to get past an excellent pressure defender like Hillman.
Delvon Roe- Not known for his outside shooting, the lefty knocked down three from behind the arc tonight. Active as always, Roe also picked up points on the offensive glass. If Roe can consistently shoot well from outside and also learn to score in the post going to his left shoulder, he will be an extremely difficult player to guard.
Kelvin Grady- The Michigan commitment scored the ball in both sessions today. He is shooting it well from the outside, executing off the high ball screen, and getting into the lane with regularity.