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NBA Players Camp: Friday

Richmond, Va.-The competitive intensity was strong on Friday at the NBA Players Association Top 100 Camp. Multipurpose players Darquavis Tucker and James Anderson were two of the more impressive players at the event.
Darquavis Tucker has been one of the more enjoyable players to watch this week. Always playing hard, he contributes in so many ways to the success of his team. A tremendous offensive rebounder, Tucker has the legs and strength to defend a bigger small forward as well as the other guard positions. Not the best ball handler, Tucker would be great in a three guard attack. Tucker put up 17 points in his night game.
Scoring 25 points, James Anderson was the top scorer in the night games. Anderson knocked down three-pointer off feeds from Jai Lucas coming off the high ball screen. He also picked up points running the floor and hitting the offensive boards. And like Tucker, the real beauty of Anderson's game is that he does so many things to impact the game.
Patrick Patterson has also thrived off the penetrating and passing of Lucas.
Another Lucas, Kalin Lucas has had an outstanding camp. He has a great blend of scoring and set up ability. He also does a nice job coming up with rebounds on the defensive end.
Rico Pickett, a smooth ball handler, Pickett plays under control and with a burst of athleticism that gets him into the lane. Very good with either hand, he has passed the ball up the court with precision. He is a team oriented guy who involves his teammates in the flow of the game.
Jeff Jones has scored his share of points this week, but unlike Pickett, Jones has been very unaware of his teammates. He has over dribbled and exerted way too much effort to get off questionable shots. His team has had the worst chemistry of any team here.
Laval Lucas-Perry has had a strong showing this week. Strong and with long arms, Lucas-Perry has competed on the defensive end and on the boards. Although he has not shot the ball well from the outside, he has done a good job running his team.
Jamelle Horne and Jon Diebler squared off in the morning session, playing to a draw. Horne got the better of Diebler when he posted him up and worked the backboards. On the perimeter, Diebler stayed in front of Horne and used his hands to disrupt Horne on his release. Horne possesses the most complete and refined game here at the camp.
As a shooter, Diebler does as good a job as any player here at getting square to the basket and setting his feet for a quick release on his jumper. Hardly ever off to the side, Diebler's misses occur when his high-release jumper doesn't get enough arc and catches the front rim.
Teeng Akol is a dangerous scorer, and he's defending and rebounding at a higher level than when we last saw him. When he can't get a shot off, however, he struggles passing the ball.
Nick Sidorakis is known for his shooting ability, but the Oklahoma State commitment has really shined as an open court passer and post feeder. Good with the ball on the move, Sidorakis often surprises opponents with his athleticism.
Solomon Alabi and DeAndre Jordan had an intriguing go at each other today in which the offense won out over the defense. Jordan used his body to get Alibi on his heels and then pivoted by him for scores in the paint. Alibi used his reliable jump hook to score.
In his night game, Alibi had a monster game, blocking shots and scoring in the post. He is playing a more physical brand of ball as he gains confidence.
Although Alibi gave him some trouble around the basket, Nayal Koshwal continues to impress. Not only is he strong and competitive around the basket, he has handled well in the open court and even knocked down a hop back three-pointer today.
And not only did Koshwal have to deal with Alibi coming from the weakside to block his shots, he was matched up with Samardo Samuels. Koshwal performed well against the physical Samuels. Yet, Samuels is a more polished power player than Koshwal.
Samuels does more than score and rebound. The agile big fellow is also a great passer both out of the post and in the open court. Both Nick Calathes and Corey Stokes have taken advantage of his ability and willingness to give the ball up. Their team's chemistry has been as good as any team here.
Perhaps one of the biggest breakout players of the camp, Clint Chapman wheeled and dealed for 17 points in his morning game.
School List
Darquavis Tucker, who has been one of the top players this week, said he is down to Louisville and Miami and a decision might be coming soon. After the camp finishes on Saturday, Tucker will head to Louisville for an unofficial visit.
As James Anderson's stock rises, so do the number of his offers. He listed offers from Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma State, Kentucky, Baylor, Oklahoma, Florida and Alabama and said he has interest also in Connecticut although they haven't offered yet. Presently, Arkansas, Kansas and Florida are at the top of his list.
Herb Pope listed Memphis, Connecticut, Kansas State, Pittsburgh, Oklahoma, North Carolina and Louisville and said he does not have any leaders.
DeAndre Jordan named Texas A&M, LSU, Indiana, Texas, Florida and Florida State.
Chris Early lists offers from Oklahoma, Miami and VCU. He is also interested in Virginia Tech, Virginia, Tennessee and Marshall.
Keaton Nankivil, who progressively got more active around the basket and therefore more productive throughout the camp, likes Wisconsin (offer), Marquette (offer), Boston College (offer), Wake Forest, Virginia (offer) and Miami.
Laval Lucas-Perry is entertaining offers from Wisconsin, Marquette, Oakland and Dayton. He is also interested in Arizona, Michigan, Michigan State, Wake Forest and Virginia.
Eshaunte Jones is favoring Indiana and Cincinnati, both of which have offered. He also has interest in UCLA and Kentucky.
Clint Chapman is interested in USC (offer), California (offer), Oregon (offer), Virginia and Nevada (offer). USC and California are his top schools, but UCLA has begun to recruit Chapman and he will attend their Elite Camp next week.
Jai Lucas recently picked up an offer from Maryland, and he will visit his father's alma mater after the camp. He is also considering offers from LSU, Kentucky, Oklahoma State and Oklahoma.
Scoring Leaders after Three Days
Corey Stokes 13.5
Darquavis Tucker 13.2
Nayal Koshwal 12.67
Isaiah Thomas 12
Daniel Hackett 11.3
Jamelle Horne 10.8
J.T. Thompson 10.5
Eshaunte Jones 10.5
James Anderson 10.3
Kenny Belton 10.3
Kosta Koufos 10.3
Karron Johnson 10.2
Alex Legion 10.2
Delvon Roe 10.2
Clint Chapman 10