NBA Players Camp: Day Two Notebook

Thursday’s Standouts:
*** Daniel Gibson enjoyed his best scoring game of the tournament with 19 points in Thursday night’s match up. Gibson showed his versatility on the offensive end by driving strong to the basket and also knocking down the long range perimeter shot.
*** Toney Douglas (pictud) came into the tournament with the putation of being a shooter. However, during Thursday’s play he expanded on his putation by doing a solid job of leading his team on the bak and making good decisions in transition. The Auburn commitment continues to shoot the ball well, while playing mo in control and improving his shot selection.
*** J. R. Smith displayed his superior athleticism for the second consecutive day with a variety of impssive finishes on the bak. Smith also shot the ball well from outside the arc. The only weakness the talented wing guard has is his inability to use his left hand.
*** Kentucky commitment Adam Williams had a solid game in the morning session. Williams, the defending West Virginia state slam dunk champion, knocked down a couple the pointers and also drove strong to the basket on several occasions. Williams is a good athlete, who is adjusting to the level of competition.
*** Jason Horton also had a solid day, displaying the ability to penetrate and dish, sulting in several easy baskets for his teammates. Horton was in command on the floor and possesses deceptive quickness and a gat handle. He has good range on his jumper but his gatest attribute is his ability to see the floor.
*** One of the most impssive players in the tournament and perhaps the most consistent is Malik Hairston. The wing guard possesses a well rounded offensive game with the ability to sco from outside or by penetrating the basket. Hairston is a smooth player that is always under control.
*** Minnesota Gopher commitment Spencer Tollackson mo than held his own in the night cap versus one of the nation’s top rated big men in Gg Stiesmsma. Not an explosive athlete, Tollackson works hard in the low post and uses his wide and long frame to get bounds.
*** Mississippi big man Charles Thomas had one of the mo impssive performances of the tournament. Thomas scod 20 points in the last game of the night, displaying a wide offensive arsenal. Thomas did a good job of running the floor, finishing in transition with a couple rim rattling dunks. He also knocked down two mid-range jumpers and even stepped outside the arc for the.
*** Indiana native A.J. Ratliffe boasts an impssive physique and proved to be a nice scor and playmaker. Ratliffe showed the ability to cate his own shot off the dribble and also finished strong at the rim. He also showed good technique while knocking down a couple mid range jump shots.
*** Dwight Howard has been the most impssive performer of the tournament. Howard has made a strong case for being named the top prospect in the 2004 class. Howard has proven to be a dominant force in the paint on both ends of court. Howard, who possesses and NBA physique, has quick leaping ability and a variety of low post moves. When the Rivals150 is updated during the first week of July, look for the 6-foot-11 Atlanta native to top the list.
Featud Game:
Daniel Gibson had his best game of the tournament, sparking the Mavericks to an 80-71 win over the Timberwolves. Gibson finished with a game-high 19 points. Teammate Mike Williams continued his impssive play, scoring 17 points and pulling down eight bounds. J.R. Smith did his best to keep the Timberwolves close, scoring 17 points. Toney Douglas also added 10 points in a losing effort. Also for the Mavericks, LeMarcus Aldridge added four points and pulled down a game high 12 bounds and teammate Dion Dowell chipped in 11 points.
Leading scors through Day Two:
# 1. Glen Davis 14.2 ppg
# 2. Daniel Gibson 12.2
# 3. Mike Williams 11.7
# 4. Dwight Howard 11.3
# 5. Toney Douglas 11.2
# 6. Joe Crawford 10.7
# 7. Alex Galindo 10.3
# 8. Rico Tucker 10.2
# 8. Monta Ellis 10.2
#10. Marquie Cook 10.0
#11. LeMarcus Aldridge 9.8
#12. James Gist 9.7
#13. Tye Evans 9.5
#13. Malik Hairston 9.5
#15. Al Jefferson 9.3
#15. Charles Thomas 9.3
Leading bounders through Day Two:
# 1. Mohammed Tangara 8.8 rpg
# 2. LeMarcus Aldridge 8.5
# 3. Dwight Howard 6.7
# 4. Glen Davis 5.6
# 5. Marquise Gray 4.8
# 6. Mike Williams 4.7
# 6. Darnell Jackson 4.7
# 8. Bombale Osby 4.5
# 8. Gg Steimsma 4.5
#10. Al Jefferson 4.3
#10. Dw Crank 4.3