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NBA Draft: Nation's top prospects make their picks

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Who will Adam Silver announce first in tonight’s NBA Draft? Most of the talk has centered around Arizona’s DeAndre Ayton and while there is some debate regarding who really is the best prospect available, we asked the future of the sport during our time at the USA Basketball under-17 trials who they believe should be selected first overall and Ayton wasn't their only choice for top pick.

“Probably DeAndre Ayton. He has the biggest upside. Him or Marvin Bagley. I like Bagley because of his motor but DeAndre is just a big body that that rim protects, he finishes, he shoots, so that who is who I would take.”

“DeAndre Ayton or Marvin Bagley. Those two are just animals. But I would have to go with Ayton. He is a dog in there. They can’t stop him.”

"I would have to take Marvin Bagley with the first pick. The versatility and energy that he brings is something special. I also believe he has the potential to be a Hall of Famer."

“I don’t really like the draft class and all of that but me, personally, Michael Porter should be number one, even with the back. His potential is just too good.”

“I am taking DeAndre Ayton. He has the whole package. He can step out and shoot, he can defend, he has the low post, he is strong; he is just the entire package.”

“I am going with DeAndre Ayton. The things that he can do, he is a 7-feet tall, he can handle it like a guard, shoot it like a guard, and he is just very versatile.”

“It is obvious, it is DeAndre Ayton. The Suns already have a good set of guards but I think they really need that presence in the paint, so I would probably go with DeAndre or Marvin (Bagley), but probably DeAndre.”

Jaren Jackson, he is young, he has huge upside and potential. He’s a prototypical four-man big that plays in the NBA. He can do it all plus he’s a good rim runner.”