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NBA Camp: Coleman emerges

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. - It isn't often that a drastic revelation occurs at a high-level camp like the NBA Players Association Top 100 Camp, but athletic wing Justin Coleman was such a revelation during the first session of the camp.
Justin Coleman (2010 small forward) - Whether he was dunking, finishing difficult layups or nailing jumpers from well behind the arc, Coleman was constantly on the attack offensively. He is a high-level athlete with a impressive motor who has a skill game that will continue to develop. Mark him down as a four-star when the rankings are reshuffled before the July evaluation period.
Mike Gilchrist (2011 small forward) - Gilchrist has clearly established himself as head and shoulders above the other prospects in the 2011 class, and he might just be on his way to establishing himself as the top prospect in the country regardless of class. At times looking more like a point-guard playmaker than a forward, Gilchrist repeatedly attacked off the dribble, finishing plays with both impressive scores and passes. He has all the tools - physical, intangible and skill - to be a wing of the highest level.
Josh Selby (2010 point guard) - Selby used his superior athleticism and power to continually get into the lane and finish against Ray McCallum. There might be questions about Selby's game, but there is no questioning his ability to score.
Shaquille Thomas (2010 small forward) - His athleticism and energy stood out. A classic example was his steal that led to a dunk and then his hustle back to the other end to deflect a pass out of bounds. I don't know how well he shoots it, but Thomas is tough in transition, has middle game and is rangy on defense.
Isaiah Epps (2010 point guard) - The Pittsburgh commitment was pivotal in his team's comeback win. He controlled the ball defensively and then scored when open and created shots for his teammates with his penetration. The lefty has a superior feel for the game.
Cory Joseph (2010 point guard) - It might just be unfair to have Joseph and Epps on the same team. Joseph's shot looked pure and his athleticism showed up on the defensive end and on the boards.
Harrison Barnes (2010 small forward) - Barnes did his best work in the low post against the physically weaker Jereme Richmond. Although he struggled at the line, Barnes drew numerous fouls and gobbled up a number of quality rebounds.
Jereme Richmond (2010 small forward) - Richmond started out strongly in his matchup against Barnes, getting several buckets from midrange and defending well on the perimeter. But in the second half, he was not much of a factor.
Fabricio de Melo (2010 center) - A huge presence on the court, de Melo fluidly knocked down a couple of jumpers and had some impressive post moves. The level of his conditioning will likely determine his level as a prospect.
Jelan Kendrick (2010 small forward) - Comfortable with the ball anywhere on the court, Kendrick scored from multiple locations. He is a unique prospect with his length, feel for the game and point guard-like skills.
Andre Dawkins (2010 shooting guard) - Dawkins continues to impress with his athleticism and shooting ability. There is a lot of energy and life in his body, which bodes well for the future of his game.
Doron Lamb ( 2010 shooting guard) - There might not be a craftier scorer in the 2010 class. Lamb is a high-level ballhandler for a shooting guard and has an exceptional midrange game.
Michael Cobbins (2010 power forward) - The athletic lefty continuously stood out with his active play. He finished with authority in transition and in the half court when he was repeatedly set up by the high-level passing of Kendall Marshall.
Richard Solomon (2010 power forward) - Like Cobbins, Solomon is a promising, long forward oozing with upside. He had a couple of impressive plays where he attacked the basket off the dribble and stroked a 17-footer.
Terrence Jones (2010 power forward) - This big-bodied four man continues to develop has a player. The lefty had an impressive post move to his off side, changed directions on the dribble, passed at his usual high level and had a controlling presence over the game.
Travis McKie (2010 small forward) - Always known for his energetic play and ability to make plays in the transition game, McKie was also stroking it from behind the arc.
Dion Waiters (2010 combo guard) - His physical presence and confidence is top notch. He scored the ball from deep and at the rim.