Nashs Stock Soars

Bobby Nash, a polished 6-6, 195-pound swingman/shooting guard from Iolani High School in Honolulu, Hawaii, emerged at the ABCD camp as the legitimate top 75 national talent.
What separates Nash from many of his counterparts are his well-rounded game, versatility, and polish. Nash is capable of playing anywhere from point guard to small forward, and not just just adequately, but very competently. He ran the point at times for his team, the Hornets, at the ABCD camp, and proved an able distributor and capable ball handler. The lithe Nash is also athletic enough to go underneath and grapple for rebounds and stick backs.
Nash shot the ball extremely well over the course of the camp, probably shooting in the neighborhood of 50% from three point range. Bobby has good mechanics on his shot and a pretty quick release.
Nash seemed to be one of the few campers willing to do the little things to help his team winning. Whether it be setting a screen to free up a teammate or slide into his role willingly, Nash showed a great deal of poise and purpose on the floor. Nash has a presence about him on the floor. He was one of the top basketball players on the floor during this event, as opposed to some campers who might possess eye-popping athleticism, but play with little purpose.
Bobby told Rivals Hoops that Hawaii, West Virginia, Pepperdine, Loyola Marymount, and Princeton had all expressed. Bobby's father is an assistant coach at Hawaii, but Nash told us that that won't preclude his recruitment by any means.
"I'm wide open right now," said Nash. "I haven't put much thought into making a decision(about college)."
Nash will participate in the Vegas Big Time Tournament with EBO, and will also attend the Double Pump Tournament in California. Beyond that, Bobby will have to see if he can gain a waiver to participate because of the 100-mile legislation that was passed.
Nash is fully qualified. He didn't want to disclose his grades and scores, but is a good student who has qualified on the SAT by a fairly wide margin.
Nash's list should expand exponentially based on his performance at ABCD.