Nash Says Hes Open

Bobby Nash probably feels a little like the boy who cried wolf in the old fairy tale.
Nash, a 6-6, 195 pound swingman from Iolani H.S. in Iolani, Hawaii, insists that he would like to visit some schools on the mainland, but the coaches from many of those schools feel that he is ticketed for the University of Hawaii.
His dad is on staff at Hawaii, and although several high level programs have shown an interest in Nash this summer and fall, none have extended an offer to visit.
Nash said that he speaks most regularly with the staffs at Baylor and Oklahoma, although he hasn't heard much from West Virginia lately. Of course, he speaks to the Hawaii staff almost every day, since he is always at the school playing pick up ball with some of the Rainbow Warrior players.
"Oklahoma said that they haven't seen enough games of me to bring me in for a visit, and I sent Baylor an e-mail this week about visiting there, because I would like to see what their program is all about," Nash said. "It would be cool to go out and see new places and play for a different school, but there's nothing like home."
"I would like something to compare Hawaii to," Nash continued. "But it seems like people are running away now because they feel like I am all set on Hawaii, but it's not all said and done, yet."
Pittsburgh has recently called Bobby's dad to express an interest in him, although the Panthers' interest appears to be more preliminary than serious.
Nash said he could make an early decision but that nothing is etched in stone. He hasn't taken official visit to Hawaii yet, but could set one up soon.
"I take an unofficial visit there everyday," he quipped. "But I still would like to see the classroom, and it would be cool to spend a day with the players and see what college life is all about."