Mosley looking at relationship with head coaches

Sean Mosley knows this spring and summer will be a little different than last year. The 6-foot-3, 200-pound shooting guard from St. Frances High School in Baltimore, Md., will no longer have guys like Donte Green and Malcolm Delaney around him.
Mosley is getting the preparation needed for the competition right around the corner this season at St. Frances (21-8). Averaging 21 points, eight rebounds, six assists and four steals a game, the three-star guard is entering the second season playing at a high level.
"I feel like I'm shooting the ball better and attacking better than before," Mosley said. "Most of all, I'm trying to win and bring a lot of the underclassmen under my wing and help bring them up like guys did with me."
No longer the young kid on good teams, Mosley is developing nicely into a high-major guard. His recruitment reflects that, too.
"It has changed a lot," Mosley said. "I have a ton of schools looking at me now. During school ball, it's hard to tell who is really recruiting you because they can only come by so much or call you just a little. They usually just talk to my coach or talk to my dad."
Molsey said he is holding offers from Florida State, Clemson, Maryland, Syracuse, Virginia Tech, Virginia and Marist while Florida has also inquired, he said.
Mosley has been to Maryland a couple of times "since it is right around the corner" and he checked out the Syracuse campus during the football season.
"I started noticing when the head coaches got involved," Mosley said. "The Florida State head coach (Leonard Hamilton) called me and offered me a scholarship. Then (Maryland coach) Gary Williams called me and offered. Then when I was talking to coach (Jim) Boeheim from Syracuse, he offered meā€¦Same thing with Clemson. I like coach (Oliver) Purnell. We have a good relationship, too.
"That's something you definitely have to look at. You have to have those good relationships with the head coaches. I like all of the assistant coaches recruiting me but it's the head coach that you have to deal with the most when getting a scholarship and when you go to school. So when a head coach promises you that he has a scholarship, you tend to listen a little more."
Mosley said Florida State, Maryland, Syracuse and Clemson round out his top four at the moment.
"I think I'll make my decision around the beginning of my senior year," Mosley said. "I want to play the summer out and then not have to worry during my last year of high school."
Mosley will return with Team Melo in the spring on the AAU circuit.