Morris twins eyeing trio of visits

After splitting ways with Memphis, Philadelphia twins Marcus Morris and Markieff Morris are looking at a trio of visits in the near future. The four-star prospects are about to embark on the next step of their recruitment.
According to their former high school coach, Dan Brinkley of Prep Charter, the Morrises are ready for what is ahead of them.
"They are working on setting up three visits. I don't want to give any definitive dates but the three schools that they are going to visit are West Virginia, Villanova and Kansas," Brinkley said.
Brinkley said the visits will likely happen sometime in the next month. St. John's, Rutgers and LaSalle are also in the mix with the twins, according to the coach.
"It's not necessarily about (staying close to home). It's about the best fit academically, socially and athletically, of course," Brinkley said.
"All of the coaches have been impressive, is what I'm getting from the twins. It's finding the right fit. They are really mature kids in terms of handling this, like with what happened with Memphis. They knew they would have some criticism but they understood it was their choice for the future. They didn't want to go the route of transferring in college like a lot of guys do. Instead of doing that, they understood the sensitive nature of recruiting and Memphis couldn't wait to see if they were for sure so they decided to part ways amicably. Coach Calipari is a great coach."
While the Tigers are no longer in the mix, six schools are. And the timeline is coming closer to an end. Expect the two to sign in November.
"If I were a betting man, I'd bet that," Brinkley said.