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More wins for the USA

Led by O.J. Mayo's 25 points, the USA Blue squad dismantled New Zealand 118-57. New Zealand turned the ball over 34 times against the Blue squad's defensive pressure. New Zealand was also out rebounded 50-37. The Blue squad shot 57 percent from the field and 53 percent from the three-point line. New Zealand only shot 33 percent from the field and 17 percent from the three-point line.
O.J. Mayo-25 points on 10 of 17 shooting; 5 of 6 from three; 5 rebounds; 2 assists with 4 turnovers; 3 steals; Mayo shot New Zealand out of their zone with 3 early threes; finished extremely well in the lane against contact; locked his man up defensively; once again demonstrated that he is every bit as good as the hype.
Wayne Ellington-20 points on 9 of 16 shooting; 0 of 2 from three; 6 rebounds; 3 assists with 0 turnovers; 5 steals; tremendous stat line minus the 2 missed threes; while Mayo and Young dominated the first half, Ellington dominated the second half; scored on an array of sophisticated moves; played a good deal of point guard in the second half.
Thaddeus Young-16 points (all in the first quarter) on 6 of 9 shooting; 1 of 1 from three; 3 of 3 from the line; 3 rebounds (all offensive); 2 assists with 0 turnovers; 1 steal; played extremely well before leaving the game early in the third quarter with a sprained ankle; looked smooth and explosive, capable of making all the plays.
Lance Thomas-15 points on 5 of 12 shooting; 1 of 2 from three; 4 of 6 from the free throw line; 6 rebounds; 0 assists with 3 turnovers; 4 steals; Thomas used his quick burst to score off the dribble; played his usual high energy, active game; needs to improve his handle and passing skills; shoots the ball better than he gets credit; will develop as a shooter.
Tory Jackson-14 points on 6 of 10 shooting; 2 of 4 from three; 7 rebounds (tied for team high); 6 assists (team high) with 3 turnovers; 5 assists; Jackson did it all on the court, even blocking a shot; hounded the ball defensively with his strength and quickness; can get to the rim and finish against contact; best thing he does offensively is stroke it from behind the arc.
Dwayne Collins-10 points on 4 of 6 shooting; 7 rebounds; most effective around the basket, Collins did knock down a midrange jumper; Collins is athletic but needs to improve his skills with the basketball.
Derrick Jasper-9 points on 3 of 5 shooting; 3 of 3 from the free throw line; Jasper drove the ball strongly to the basket, often going left; all his points came at the basket; does need to sharpen his passing skills as a point guard.
Michael Washington-5 points on 1 of 1 shooting; 3 of 6 from the line; 2 blocks and 0 turnovers; Washington was a strong presence in the lane defensively; struggled to get in a rhythm offensively.
Corey Stokes-2 points on 0 of 2 shooting (all three-pointers); 2 of 2 from the free throw line; 4 rebounds; 2 assists with 0 turnovers; Stokes did not make mistakes but did not assert himself offensively.
Robin Lopez-2 points on 1 of 1 shooting; 0 of 2 from the free throw line; 4 rebounds; 1 assist with 4 turnovers; 4 blocks; Lopez played strong in the paint defensively; not much of a scorer, Lopez had trouble catching the ball at times.
The USA Red squad handled China 107-70 behind 25 points from Daequan Cook. The pressure defense of the Red squad forced 30 turnovers, and the Red squad out rebounded China 51-31. China did manage to shoot 53 percent from the field but went 0 for 5 from the three-point line.
Daequan Cook-25 points on 11 of 18 shooting; 1 of 4 from three; 7 rebounds; Cook hit a variety of shots and was active.
Stanley Robinson-16 points on 6 of 12 shooting; 2 of 2 from three; 2 of 2 from free throw line; 8 rebounds; 3 turnovers; Shot the ball well and was active; can handle and pass, but does tend to force plays.
Damion James-14 points on 6 of 11 shooting; 1 of 3 from three; 6 rebounds; does a lot of things well, versatile player; needs to improve lateral quickness to be able to pressure the ball on the perimeter the way he likes to do.
Gerald Henderson-14 points on 6 of 13 shooting; 1 of 3 from three; 4 rebounds; 3 steals; Henderson played a solid all around game; pushed the ball up the court and did a good job leading the break; played physical defense.
Jon Scheyer-10 points on 4 of 12 shooting; 2 of 9 from three; 2 rebounds; 3 turnovers; Scheyer shot poorly for the second night; appears that his poor shooting could be affecting the rest of his game.
Brook Lopez-9 points on 4 of 6 shooting; 3 rebounds; 3 steals; A big presence inside, Lopez has yet to find his rhythm offensively.
Bryan Davis-7 points on 3 of 7 shooting; 1 of 4 from the free throw line; 8 rebounds; Davis is at his best when he is playing his hard nosed, blue collar style like he did tonight; needs to develop lower body strength, which will help his balance when trying to score in the post.
D.J. Augustin-6 points on 2 of 6 shooting (all but one of those attempts were three-pointers; 5 assists and 0 turnovers; Augustin distributed the ball well and is a constant threat shooting off the high ball screen; would like to see him penetrate the lane more and push the tempo.
Tom Herzog-4 points on 1 of 2 shooting; 4 rebounds; Herzog was active defensively and had at least 2 blocks (only credited for one) while altering others; still not strong enough to consistently establish position down low; production will dramatically increase with added strength.
Jeremiah Rivers-2 points on 1 of 6 shooting;4 assists and 5 turnovers; Rivers struggled for a second night with turnovers and missed shots; has had trouble getting separation for balanced shots and has forced passes.
After taking a 16 point lead into the locker room at halftime, the USA White squad exploded in the second half for a 105-69 win over Canada. Paul Harris led the charge with a double-double of 23 points and 11 rebounds. The primary team statistical disparity was the 44-27 rebounding advantage of the White squad.
Olu Ashaolou led Canada in scoring with 16 points while also grabbing 6 rebounds. Point guard Junior Cadougan also played a strong game for Canada scoring 14 points while dishing out 4 assists.
Paul Harris-23 points on 10 of 15 shooting; 0 of 1 from three; 3 of 3 from the free throw line; 11 rebounds; Harris dominated the Canadian team with his physical style of play; all his points came at the basket on both drives and offensive rebounds; had some nice left hand finishes; most impressive was Harris' defensive effort on Cadougan, whose production occurred while Harris was on the bench.
Bill Walker-13 points on 5 of 9 shooting; 2 of 5 from three; 1 rebound; Walker's athleticism was on display with the ball in his hands; he was not very active without the ball; shot continues to improve; displaying NBA potential as a wing player.
Greg Oden-12 points on 5 of 8 shooting; 5 rebounds; 2 assists with 1 turnover; 2 blocks and 2 steals; very efficient with limited touches; continues to make a major impact on both ends of the court; running the floor very well.
Kyle Singler-11 points on 4 of 6 shooting; 1 of 2 from three; 2 of 2 from the free throw line; 4 rebounds; played another very solid game; developing into an elite small forward with a well rounded game.
Darrell Arthur-11 points on 5 of 8 shooting; 0 of 1 from three; 6 rebounds; 0 assists with 5 turnovers; 3 steals; Arthur scored on some smooth one on one moves; was active on the boards; decision making with the ball when not scoring needs work.
Isaiah Dahlman-9 points on 4 of 9 shooting; no three-point attempts; 5 rebounds; 4 assists with 1 turnover; struggled again shooting from the outside; made some nice passes; needs to get extremely stronger; body looks the same as last summer.
Javaris Crittenton-8 points on 4 of 7 shooting; no three-point attempts; 3 rebounds; made a couple nice one dribble pull up shots; played solid game.
Mike Conley-8 points on 4 of 7 shooting; 2 of 5 from three; 2 rebounds; continues to look good shooting the ball from deep; played solid game; needs to get stronger to improve defensively; had trouble keeping Cadougan out of the lane.
Scottie Reynolds-7 points on 3 of 8 shooting; 1 of 5 from three; 4 assists with 1 turnover; 3 assists; played a very active game, making an impact with his passing and his steals; not shooting the ball to his capability; struggling to get separation for his jumper.
Bryce Webster-3 points on 1 of 3 shooting; 2 rebounds; wide body who can use either hand around the basket; often a step behind the play on defense; hands need work; gives a consistently strong effort.
In Thursday's action, the USA Blue team takes on Russia, who had a day off Wednesday. The Red and White squad square off against each other.