More Show Interest In Johnson

Alexander Johnson's offensive game has come a long way since a year ago. He has much more confidence in taking his outside shot and knocks it down with more consistency.
And the college programs are starting to notice. There were many on hand to watch him score 20 points and grabbed 10 rebounds to lead Bridgton Academy to a victory on Saturday evening at the War on the Shore.
Johnson, who has not signed with Georgia after giving a verbal commitment, has opened up his recruiting process. "I'm wide open," Johnson said.

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Johnson, an Albany, Ga., native, had signed with the Bulldogs last fall after an intense recruiting battle between Cincinnati and Georgia.
But after heading to Bridgton Academy this fall after failing to qualify academically, the beefy 6-9, 245 pound power forward had second thoughts about his college future.
"I wanted to wait and didn't want to sign early," Johnson told Russ Blake. "I just want to relax and take my time before signing again."
Johnson added: "I've had some contact with Alabama, Louisville, Indiana, Oregon and Florida State. They've been calling or sending mail, so those are the only guys right now who are recruiting me."
North Carolina was one school on hand this past weekend to take a hard look at Johnson. Assistant coach Fred Quartlebaum saw Johnson put up 20 points. Alex also dropped down four three-pointers in the game.