More On Chris Adams UNLV

Chris Adams, a 6-10, 235 pound power forward from the City College of San Francisco in San Francisco, Calif., is a skilled low post player who could pay immediate dividends for the Running Rebel basketball program.
Adams picked UNLV on Tuesday after taking recent trips to Fresno State and UNLV. had the chance to catch up with Patrick Springer, the head coach at CCSF on Tuesday night.
"UNLV had been recruiting him for two years, whereas Fresno just got the job last spring, and his girlfriend also had a little influence, since she's a student at UNLV," Springer said.
Adams was one of the better freshmen post players in the JUCO ranks that had a chance to watch last winter. He is an accomplished offensive player who is as comfortable facing the basket as he is with his back to it.
"He has a great basketball IQ and he is very skilled," Springer said. "He is multidimensional, but he needs to improve his athleticism."
"He just knows how to play the game, and he is a legitimate 6-10, 230 pound guy that is growing into his body," he continued. "He is getting better body wise and athleticism wise every day, but he's years advanced as far as his skill level in that he's closer to a three than a five."
The only question surrounding Adams right now is of the classroom variety. He is going to have to buckle down this year in order to graduate and move on to UNLV this fall.
"I anticipate him not having any problems academically, because he's been very cooperative so far and we've been monitoring his progress in the classroom," Springer said.
If Adams does what he needs to do in the classroom and doesn't experience any hiccups along the way, it's conceivable that he will graduate with only one summer school course. will keep you abreast of the situation, so stay tuned.