More Firepower For Louisville

It wasn't much of a surprise that Brandon Jenkins made his decision this month. And it wasn't any shocker that this outstanding player chose Louisville. On July 3rd, published a story citing sources close to Jenkins that told us that Brandon was getting ready to choose Rick Pitino's program.
Jenkins' family confirmed the commitment today. Many close to Jenkins thought the decision would be made this week and it was, according to Brandon's family.
Jenkins, an outstanding 6-4, 167-pound rising senior point guard from Southeastern High School in the state of Michigan, also considered Pittsburgh, Louisville, Missouri and Ohio State.
Michigan, Purdue, Southern Cal, and Michigan State were previously mentioned in the early part of his recruiting process. Jenkins averaged 22 points and seven assists last year.
Jenkins will fit neatly into the Louisville style. He loves to push the ball in transition and pressure the defense with his speed and offensive skills. Brandon is usually all over the court trying to deflect balls and ignite transitional opportunities. We will have more on Jenkins next week when covers the ABCD camp.