Memphis junior lets his game talk

There are plenty of guys out there who talk a good game. Some of them, well they even match it. In the case of Craig Hill, though, he doesn't do much talking as he lets his game speak for itself.
A rugged, 6-foot-7 junior power forward at Memphis (Tenn.) Cordova, Hill is anything but finesse. He uses his wiry strong frame to clear space in the lane, runs the floor, hits the glass and likes to get physical.
In essence, the beauty of his game is in it's simplicity and when asked to describe what he does, it's not a surprise that he keeps the description simple.
"I like it physical," Hill told "I rebound, score some and just play hard."
A solid mid major prospect, at the very least, Hill has the tools to develop into an even more highly regarded player.
He's got good touch to around 12 feet, is quick off the floor and runs extremely well.
So far, he hasn't head from many schools but that is bound to change as word gets out.
"I really haven't heard from a lot of schools," said Hill. "Memphis has been by to see me and Ole Miss and Southern Illinois have called my coach."
As far as Hill is concerned, he's not worried about who has or hasn't called. His focus is on getting better and he'll deal with the attention from college coaches when it comes.
"I'm not even thinking about (recruiting) yet," said Hill. "Whoever wants to be interested, I'll listen to them."