McDs spotlight: Arthur names five

San Diego, Calif. - With three point guards on his team doing their best to recruit him to their future school, Darrell Arthur should get plenty of touches for the West squad in Wednesday night's McDonald's All American Game.
"It's great to come back and see a lot of guys that I've been playing ball with since the around the fifth grade," said Arthur, a 6-foot-9, 220-pound combo forward from South Oak Cliff High School in Dallas. "I'm close to Demond (Carter), Scottie (Reynolds) and I'm just getting to know D.J. (Augustin) and Sherron (Collins).
"You know, Demond wants me to come to Baylor. And Sherron wants me to come to Kansas. And D.J. wants me to come to Texas. And even Spence (Spencer Hawes) is trying to get me to go to Washington."
Unfortunately for Hawes and the Huskies, Washington is not on Arthur's short list.
With much recent speculation that this school or that school is now a player in the "Slim Shady" sweepstakes, Arthur set the record straight after Sunday's opening practice.
"My five schools are Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Arizona and Baylor," he said. "The school I pick will come out of these five."
Arthur has been on the campus of each of these schools with the exception of Arizona. Although Arthur has used up all five of his official visits, he does plan to visit Arizona.
"I'm going to visit Arizona some time before the Round Ball Classic (which is on April 9)," he said. "Arizona started recruiting me during the state tournament."
Even though Arthur has had ample time to mull over his school decision, he claims he really is undecided at this point.
"I'm truly still trying to figure it out," he said. "They are all good schools and have a lot to offer. I just need to figure out where I will best fit in. I want to get along with the coaches and play in a system that gets up and down the court. I'm not concerned about what position I play. I just want to play the position that my coach wants me to play. Most of them want me to play inside and out as a three/four."