McDonalds game sound bytes

Here is what several players had to say during Tuesday's media session at the McDonald's All American Game.
Gerald Green on the NBA:
"I'm not here to impress anyone. I've already got a college scholarship at Oklahoma State. I'm not thinking in those (NBA) terms."
Gerald Green on the importance of winning the dunk contest:
"Yes, it did mean a lot. But to tell you the truth, I didn't think I was going to win. I thought Josh [McRoberts] should have won."
Richard Hendrix on the NBA:
"Anyone's ultimate goal is to get there and as soon as possible. If it happens to work out the way I'd like, that would be great. But there's nothing wrong with college, either."
Richard Hendrix on what NBA personnel want to see from him:
"They want to see how I can control the boards. They want me to be active, blocking shot and grabbing rebounds. They want to see if I can be an enforcer down low."
Richard Hendrix on the East practice sessions:
"I liked them. They were good workouts. We have a lot of size on our team, and the practices were good for the big guys."
Louis Williams on the NBA:
"It all depends on the All-Star games. It's in the wind. There are no secrets. It all depends on these games. I'm just focusing on playing hard. I'm not playing for the people in the stands or for the NBA people."
Louis Williams on playing point guard in the NBA:
"Absolutely, I can play the point. It will be an adjustment, no doubt. I started out as a point guard until I started playing with Mike [Mercer]. It was a comfort thing. Mike liked the ball in his hands, and I was fine with playing the role of the scorer."
Louis Williams on whether or not the East will execute their plays:
"I think we have a group of mature enough guards to get a couple plays in. If we don't, it's all on [Greg] Paulus. He's the point guard."
Josh McRoberts on the NBA:
"I'll definitely be at Duke next year. It's an honor that people think I'm ready to play in the NBA. But this talk about the NBA is nothing I have said, and I don't know where it came from."
Josh McRoberts on the game tonight:
"My focus is to try to win. Winning will make the game fun."
Amir Johnson on the NBA:
"As far as I know, I am going to college. I haven't heard of any NBA teams looking at me."
Amir Johnson on the change from Pacific time to Eastern time:
"I'm a little tired. I'm used to LA time. I went to bed at 11:00 the other night and laid there until 1:30."
Monta Ellis on the NBA:
"Basically, me, my mom and Coach Billups will sit down and figure out what is best for me and my family. Right now I am not thinking about it. I just want to help my team win in these all-star games."
Monta Ellis on the development of his game:
"I'm trying to get my game ready for the next level, not just my shooting. I want to play hard and make good decisions in transition. I'm trying not to do too much and worry about the stands."
Monta Ellis on what the next level will be:
"Whatever the next level may be."
Monta Ellis on whether he has signed with an agent:
"No, that is just a rumor. I don't know why he [Sonny Vaccaro] put that out in the paper. We told him long before the [Roundball] all-star game that I had school work to make up."
Monta Ellis on playing point guard in the NBA:
"I am more comfortable playing the two, but with my size, I'll need to play the one. A move to the one will not be a problem. I just moved to the two the past two years because my team did not have anyone that could score. I have played a lot of point. I just like to play like Reggie Miller and run and come off screens."
Tyler Hansbrough on missing North Carolina's regional final during a McDonald's practice session:
"I had faith they would win. I'm going to the Final Four to watch them."
Tyler Hansbrough on his role next year at North Carolina:
"If everyone stays, I'll come off the bench. I'll help the team by running the court and rebounding."