McDonalds Decision Delayed

A decision on whether Lebron James can play in this spring's McDonald's All American game has been delayed, according to one of the communication directors of the event, Kevin Foley of Sports America.
Foley told today that until James exhausts his appeals the committee will not make a decision. The balloting for the McDonald's game is currently underway. James is still listed on the ballot, as of this story being published.
"Until Lebron finishes up his process and appeals we won't make any decision," Foley said. "I know what you know and that's it. Then when the appeals have gone through, it will be Morgan Wootten's decision. He will make the final decision."
James was suspended by the Ohio High School Association for receiving a couple of jerseys valued over $800. This breaks a rule of taking equipment valued over $100.
In the past, if a player is not playing high school basketball, he is not eligible. However, James has played a part of this season already. So there is a little bit of confusion on whether James would be treated the same way.
The McDonald's All American game is scheduled to be played on March 26, 2003 at the Gund Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. All proceeds benefit the McDonald's charities and the committee was hoping for an appearance by James to boost the attendance.