McDonalds AA Game: Best of the West

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CHICAGO - Rivals.com analyst Jerry Meyer gives his scouting report on the West team's players during McDonald's All-American Game week, which includes practices and Wednesday's game.
Brandon Ashley (Rivals rank: No. 13)

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Simply put, Ashley didn't help his cause in the ranking during the McDonald's week. Looking a little undersized compared with the other bigs, Ashley also had a difficult time finishing around the basket. He is an athletic player with ability but just might be a little overvalued at this point.
Isaiah Austin (No. 5)
There is no need for significant adjustment to Austin's ranking. No, he didn't dominate, but yes, he played up to his abilities and his upside is significant. Austin has legitimate NBA size and a skill package that could ultimately blossom.
Anthony Bennett (No. 7)
Bennett certainly didn't do anything to raise his stock, and with the stellar play of Alex Poythress, Bennett's ranking as a power forward will have to be re-evaluated. Bennett is athletic, but didn't look as athletic as Poythress, and his game seems a little lost in a slower half-court context.
Kevin Ferrell (No. 17)
Perhaps not in a significant way, but Ferrell increased his stock if anything. He has elite quickness and displayed an ability to create scoring opportunities for his teammates. Although he didn't shoot the ball well in the game, he shot it well in practice.
Archie Goodwin (No.12)
Already ranked fairly high, there is not a lot of room for Goodwin to move up in the rankings, but if there is any movement, it will likely be up the rankings. His athleticism was quite notable, and Goodwin got to the basket with either hand and finished with either hand.
Grant Jerrett (No. 50)
The biggest correction in order for Rivals.com, Jerrett is significantly better than his current ranking. He is in the 6-foot-10 range with extremely long arms and a high skill level. Yes, he needs to get stronger, but his length and skill package is formidable.
Shabazz Muhammad (No.1)
Muhammad only solidified himself as the top prospect in the 2012 class not named Nerlens Noel. With a competitive edge to his game that reminds of Mike Gilchrist, Muhammad is the consummate athletic wing scorer.
Marcus Paige (No. 41)
If anything, Paige helped his stock during the week. He impressed with his shooting ability from behind the arc and demonstrated an advanced understanding of the game.
Devonta Pollard (No.9)
Regardless of his injury in the last practice that kept him out of the game, Pollard might be a tad overvalued at No. 9. He is certainly a talent and has a lot of game, but the question is whether or not there is the physical strength and killer mentality of a top 10 prospect.
Cameron Ridley (No. 21)
Although he struggled in practice, Ridley had a solid game. He will never overwhelm athletically, but he is a solid post player. One of the main questions concerning his ranking is whether or not he can consistently finish
Marcus Smart (No. 14)
Smart, whose game is all about doing what it takes to win, had a subpar game. In practice, however, he was excellent. A dominating physical presence, Smart passed the ball at a high level all week and showed his scoring ability in practice.
Rasheed Sulaimon (No. 32)
If anything, Sulaimon helped his stock during the week. He demonstrated the ability to defend high-level players and proved he has one of the purest shooting strokes in the 2012 class.
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