Basketball Recruiting - McDonald's All-American Game: Mohamed Bamba's final four
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McDonald's All-American Game: Mohamed Bamba's final four

CHICAGO – The nation's No. 4 player, Mohamed Bamba says that if he had a decision, he wouldn't wait to announce it. But, he remains undecided and sees benefits at each of his finalists: Duke, Kentucky, Michigan and Texas.

"Honestly, I could see myself playing for any one of these programs," Bamba told "Obviously I can't go to all four and I have to pick one but all four are definitely places I could see myself at."


Texas: "They're going to have a better team next year as far as a point guard with Matt Coleman. I've just watched the progression of Jarrett Allen his whole entire year. Whether he comes back or not doesn't really affect my decision because I feel like I can play with him."

Michigan: "I've had a conversation with coach (John) Beilein on where I would fit. He's told me, 'We've had guys outside the top 100 and not ranked and two-stars, and have turned them into pros.' He was saying that he can't even imagine what they could do with someone like me."

Kentucky: "Having Nick Richards there as a solid five kind of gives me that freedom and I don't have to worry about some of the responsibilities of playing that position. It's something that's very appealing to me. I think there's a couple swing three-fours coming in so it will be interesting to see what happens."

Duke: "Things stand pretty good with Duke. The whole thing including the school itself, I'm not just looking at the roster situation there and honestly the school part is what's the most appealing to me. My mom and sister really liked the visit and Coach K (Mike Krzyzewski) is a special guy."

All that remains is for Bamba to make his final choice. He knows the clock is ticking and that he needs to decide.

"As far as picking and deciding and a time frame I'm not really sure," Bamba said. "I don't really feel any pressure with time because with guys last year like Marques Bolden (Duke) and Jarrett Allen (Texas), they both waited until close to June. I don't want to drag it out that long but I feel real comfortable in my own skin and taking my time."