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McCroskey Has 4 On List

Rumors have been flying that St. Raymond's wing Louie McCroskey will cast his lot with Rutgers in the imminent future. According to St. Ray's coach Gary DeCesare, however, a decision is on hold.
"He likes Rutgers a lot," said DeCesare. "But we can't talk to college coaches right now, so he can't make a decision."
McCroskey put up a middle of the road performance at the ABCD camp. At times he struggled with opposing wings who were quicker and stronger, looking out of sync. McCroskey may benefit from playing in a more structured environment at both the Three Stripes Tournament with the New York Ravens and the Bronx Hoop Fest, a sacntioned event for high school teams at St. Raymonds on July 15-17. Louie will also attend the Vegas Big Time Tournament with the Ravens.
In addition to Rutgers, who had previously extended a scholarship offer, Louie has heard from Notre Dame, Canisius, and Wagner.
"I'm not sure about visits right now, and when I'm going to take them," said McCroskey.
Louie finished the academic year with a 79 scholastic average. He still needs to attain a qualifying SAT score.