McClure Prepares Himself For Duke

It wasn't long ago that 6-foot-6 small forward Dave McClure was overcoming mono. It stripped him of close to 20 pounds off his 205-pound frame. But this tough stretch for McClure never stopped the programs recruiting him from working him hard for a commitment.
Last night, Duke won this battle over the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. "They are two great programs," said McClure, a player who thrives in a motion offense. "Both schools have great basketball teams and are great academic programs."
Duke just had a little more to offer to McClure, according to David. "They are very organized, very structured," McClure said. "I do well in those types of situations."
McClure, who plays for the Playaz basketball program from New Jersey in the spring and summer, said the Duke staff has given him some instructions on how best to prepare his game for the college level. "Coach K has kept on telling me to work hard," McClure said. "I have to work on my handle. I have to work on my strength."
Some of McClure's strength was sucked out of him by the mono. "I am getting back to where I was before."
McClure is back to 198 pounds and getting stronger. "It gets better everyday," McClure said. "When I get to Duke too I can get better conditioned."