McBride Plays Through Pain

KINGWOOD, Tex. -- Richard McBride had a lot of reasons to sit out on Sunday at the 8th Annual Kingwood Classic.
But the stocky 6-4 shooting guard from Ft. Sooy No Limit played despite a very painful right arm and was a key factor in his team's slot in the championship game.
McBride injured the area just above his right elbow last week at a tournament in Louisville, Ky. His No Limit squad has been very busy of late, attending events each of the past three weekends, including the Charlie Weber Invitational in Pennsylvania.
In Ft. Sooy's 83-69 loss to the Houston Hoops in Sunday's finale, McBride scored 18 points to lead his team in the scoring column.
"It's been swelling up a lot," said McBride, who had slapped an icepack to his elbow after the loss to the Hoops. "It was really hurting me when I was shooting late in the game."
McBride, who is a key target of nearby Illinois and several other high Division I programs this spring, said he may go see a doctor this weekend to see if the injury is more serious than originally anticipated.
McBride has been offered a scholarship by the University of Illinois.
McBride told us he is also considering Maryland, Oklahoma, Connecticut, Georgetown, Cincinnati, Louisville and Tennessee.
McBride also helped lead the Fort Sooey No Limit club deep into the playoffs at the recent Charlie Weber Invitational at Villanova University in Pennsylvania.
A player who matured physically at a young age, McBride is a physical specimen, though he will need to be careful about adding any more weight to his rugged frame. In fact, he might increase his quickness and athleticism if he is able to drop a few pounds in the coming months.
That said, McBride can be a deadly three point shooter when he gets on a roll, and he likes to hang out on the wing where he can hoist some catch and shoot treys. He can also put the ball on the deck and knock down the short or midrange jumper if necessary, so he has a diverse offensive arsenal for defenders to worry about.
McBride averaged 19 points, seven rebounds, six assists and three steals per game at Lanphier H.S. this season, where he played alongside Arizona signee Andre Iguodala.
McBride said he has a 2.6 GPA and will take the ACT for the first time in June. He has a busy summer ahead, with intended pit stops at the adidas ABCD Camp, the adidas Big Time Tournament (with Ft. Sooey) and possibly a session of the Five-Star basketball camp.