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Matthew Trannon Wants To Play 2 Sports

TEANECK, NEW JERSEY -- Matthew Trannon, a 6-7, 195 pound forward from Northern High School in Flint, Michigan, is an intriguing prospect. Trannon, who is a wide receiver on the football team, is likely to go to college on a football scholarship.
"I would like to try playing both sports my first year," Trannon said. "If it is too much then I will give up one of them. But I at least want to give it a try for one year."
Trannon said he has no leader in his recruiting process and won't rule out any conference. "There are many schools that want to recruit me for both sports and some who are recruiting me for one," Trannon said. "But I want to play both."
If Trannon sticks to this goal, it's unlikely then a school like Connecticut will do well with him. Connecticut does not have a football program like schools such as Michigan State, Ohio State, Michigan, etc. And these schools are involved with Trannon, who caught 13 touchdowns last season as a wide receiver.
Trannon, who runs the 40 in 4.4 seconds, averaged 16 points and 13 rebounds per game. He does most of his scoring in the paint and seems a little inconsistent right now with his jumper. But he is an athlete.