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Marshall finds his fit

Zeke Marshall looked great in Akron during the King James Shooting Stars Classic last month. The 6-foot-11 center from Pittsburgh is hoping to look great again in the same city for college.
Marshall, one of the top spring risers in the class of 2009, verbally committed to Akron on Friday.
"Akron was recruiting Ezekiel from day one," Nicole Bozeman, Marshall's mother, said. "All of that time and all of that interest in him was important. They watched him grow and mature as a player and a person just like we did. They did a great job of developing a bond with him.
"The coaches at Akron really bonded with him and he absolutely loves them. I'd say [the relationship] was the foundation of his decision. It was so critical."
Marshall, who will make his debut in the Rivals150 in the near future, was outstanding at times at the King James event three weeks ago. He proved his worth as a shot-blocker and interior presence as well as showing a promising offensive game. His impact in the Mid-American Conference should be significant for the Zips.
Bozeman said the family had been to Akron prior to the King James event and Marshall's play was a by-product of the comfort level he felt at the school.
"He felt like it was a good fit for him there and I think playing as well as he did there was a nice sweet bonus to all of this," Bozeman said. "Each time he goes out there he's getting better and better."
Bozeman added that his decision was also founded about the education side of things and the computer science program at the school was a major selling point.
"I asked him if he could be happy there as Ezekiel Marshall, future computer program and not just Ezekiel Marshall, future college basketball player and he told me that he absolutely was," Bozeman said.
Talk about a nice Mother's Day gift.
Marshall also considered interest from Pittsburgh, Virginia Tech and George Mason.