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Manny Obaseki becomes a regional priority

Manny Obaseki
Manny Obaseki

FORT WORTH, Tex. – Despite sitting as the 40th best prospect in the 2021 class, Manny Obaseki remains more on the underrated side and is just now beginning to receive his dues on the recruiting front. The 6-foot-4 guard is one of the better playmakers and athletes in his class nationally and has become a top target for those within his region.

“It is crazy,” Obaseki said about the recent uptick within his recruitment. “I feel like a huge priority around my regional area and there are a lot of schools and they have been on me a lot.”

Oklahoma and Texas A&M have made him their biggest priority, while Texas Tech has begun to show greater attention towards him, Obaseki said. Others, including Arkansas, Butler, Illinois, Oklahoma State, TCU, and Texas have also remained in the picture.

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Oklahoma: “Just being the man on the team, making plays for others, being that leader and the point guard for them. It is awesome with them. It brings a lot of confidence in myself and shows me how I can fit in with those guards over there, as well. I look a lot into that, as well, with how I fit in. It is early but to make sure that I fit into their system and how I could succeed there.”

Texas A&M: “It was a huge honor to have him (Buzz Williams) here. He says that he likes football and he hasn’t missed a football game yet until coming here for me today. I am really honored for him to come and really thankful for that.

“He is inspirational. His story and where he started, from the bottom, to get to where he is now, it kind of motivated me. Whenever I was at their camp, he was just talking about his journey and how you can impact other people around you and that has really stuck with me. Him and his coaching staff with Coach Lyle (Wolf) and Coach (Devin) Johnson, they can teach me the way and how to get to the next level. I look a lot into that because I want to make this my job and my career.”

Texas Tech: “It is hard because they are a combination of everything: family, development, and just straight out success. That is what they pride themselves on. It is fun. From what I am seeing, I am having fun myself so I am a big fan of that program and I really look forward to visiting up there soon.”


There has been talk that Obaseki may reclassify, a move that he is not willing to make.

“I am not going to reclass,” he said. “This is my right grade and the reason why people are talking about it is because some of the schools are in a need for a guard, but I am staying in my right class.”

This fall, Obaseki has taken unofficial visits to Oklahoma, TCU and Texas A&M; next could be a string of official visits.

“Nothing lined up right now. I am just trying to get through the season, but I am probably going to do some around next year so I can see some basketball games and stuff,” he said. “I want to get to Texas Tech versus Kentucky, and Oklahoma State versus Texas Tech, but that is all right now.”

While the close proximity to programs such as Oklahoma and Texas A&M could win out, Obaseki remains open towards going away as long as it is the right college.

“I want my family to see me play but, at the same time, whatever program fits me best, I will go so I can do what I have to do to get to the league,” he said.

Expect for Obaseki to take another jump within the 2021 Rivals150 during its next update. The lefty is a quick-twitch athlete that is a tremendous playmaker that can fill either guard position. His jump shot remains a work in progress, but the recent strides that he has made has shown that such a deficiency should be squelched in due time, which would only heighten Obaseki’s capabilities as a potential five-star prospect.