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Mailbag: Indiana will be rewarded

Jerry Meyer is the national basketball recruiting analyst for Rivals.com. He tackles your questions in his weekly mailbag feature.
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Is Indiana bringing in the talent to win a conference championship in the coming years?
Is Duke on the verge of making a recruiting run on the top combo guards in the country?
And is Kansas poised to land a couple five-star prospects?
These questions and more are addressed by National Recruiting Analyst Jerry Meyer in this week's mailbag.
Indiana looks good in future
Will the Hoosiers be relevant once again with all of these recruits rolling in, and will coach Tom Crean last long enough to reap the rewards? How soon can Indiana expect another banner to fall from our rafters? Last, but not least, are the guys that are coming the right ones?
- Dan from Madison
There is an understanding in Bloomington that it is going to take some time for Indiana's basketball program to rise again to prominence. I fully expect Tom Crean to be there when it happens.
Indiana is recruiting underclassmen as well as any program in the country, and five-star big man Cody Zeller should fill a talent gap in the Hoosiers' roster and make an immediate impact next year.
The 2012 class should be the difference-making class. So either by the end of the 2012-13 year or by the 2013-14 year, there should be a noticeable rise in Indiana's success on the court and a reasonable expectation to compete for a conference championship.
As it stands at the moment, Indiana has the top 2012 recruiting class and there is the distinct possibility of additions to the class making it even better. Indiana already has two four-star prospects committed in 2013, and two of the better prospects in 2014 are committed as well.
Duke and combo guards
Do you think that landing Kyrie Irving and Austin Rivers in consecutive classes will help Duke continue to land elite scorers in future classes, similar to what John Calipari has arranged at Memphis and Kentucky? Will Duke be able to parlay these kids' success in college and likely the NBA into future top 5-10 caliber guards or is it just a year-to-year thing?
- Rodney from Mount Vernon
Recruiting is in a sense a year-to-year thing, but each year builds on the success or suffers from the failures of the previous years. We have witnessed recruiting momentum with Calipari and point guards, and Ohio State coach Thad Matta with big men. It would not be a surprise if coach Mike Krzyzewski does the same thing in the coming years with elite combo guards.
Irving and Rivers certainly fall into this category as does Duke's No. 1 2012 recruiting target, Rodney Purvis. If Duke hauls in Purvis, don't be surprised if the top combo guards in the following classes step in line as well.
Kansas still five-star shopping
Do you think Kansas will land DeAndre Daniels or Ben McLemore?
- Shamark from Macon
There is a strong chance that Kansas will land both prospects. Daniels spoke very positively to Rivals.com about his recent visit to Kansas. He also visited Oregon and has scheduled visits for Kentucky and Texas. If Kansas isn't the team to beat for Daniels, the Jayhawks are certainly right in the mix atop his list.
McLemore is currently torn between Kansas and Missouri. Over the long haul, however, Kansas has been his leader. There is no guarantee that Kansas will beat out Missouri for McLemore, but Kansas has to like its chances.
With only one recruit in its 2011 class, Kansas is very intent on landing both of these five-star prospects. Kansas should have an answer on both Daniels and McLemore in the coming days before the beginning of the second semester.
Rutgers still needs more
Jerry, do you think that Mike Rice's 2011 Rutgers recruiting class will translate into an NCAA tourney bid. If so, how long do you think it takes to do so? Thanks.
- Bill from Piscataway
Rutgers does have the No. 15 recruiting class in 2011, but that is no guarantee that Rutgers will be in the NCAA Tournament in the coming years. The primary strength of the class is its depth with seven prospects. However, only two of those recruits are four-star prospects with one of those prospects being ranked at the bottom of the four-star range.
I'm not so sure there is the firepower in this class to push Rutgers into the top half of the best basketball conference in the country. Now, if the 2012 and 2013 recruiting classes are strong and perhaps contain a five-star recruit, then a spot in the tournament become a distinct possibility.
Changing classes
A prospect like Mitch McGary was in the 2011 class but changed to 2012 and is in prep school. Can he go back to the 2011 class?
- Mike from Vevay
Typically, prospects move down a class when they reclassify, but there are always occasions where prospects move up a class as well. The key to college eligibility is to complete the core curriculum classes, and to have a high enough GPA to go along with a high enough college prep test score to get through the NCAA Clearinghouse.
Rodney Purvis and Khem Birch are the latest high-profile prospects to move up a class. As long as they meet the requirements outlined above to make it through the Clearinghouse then there is no problem.
Jerry Meyer is a national basketball recruiting analyst for Rivals.com. Click here to send him a question or comment for his mailbag.