Louisiana Select Showcase recap

RUSTON, La. - This past weekend the Louisiana Select Nike Travel Team hosted a Fall Workout and Exposure Camp. Four-star prospect LaQuinton Ross and Oklahoma State commitment Markel Brown headlined the event which also had some promising young prospects.
LaQuinton Ross (2011)- The lanky wing prospect appears still to be working through an ankle injury he suffered in the spring and the high expectations built up around him when he first hit the circuit. At the event, Ross shot the ball with confidence behind the arc. His size provided him quality looks over smaller defenders. He also did a nice job of kicking the ball out to shooters off a couple penetration dribbles. Ross' quickness and strength haven't kept up with his growth, so it will be interesting to see how he develops in those two areas in the next couple years. Shedding the weight of expectations and regaining a passion for the game would also provide a spark to his game.
At this point, Ross is considering Kentucky, Mississippi State, Baylor, Memphis, North Carolina State and Syracuse.
Markel Brown (2010 Oklahoma State)- If there is one thing that Brown is that is athletic. He has a great first step to the basket from the wing and is explosive when attacking the rim. His outside shooting comes and goes. His decision making as a passer also needs improving. The up tempo system at Oklahoma State, however, is a great fit for Brown playing the role as a wing finisher.
Casey Oliverson (2012)- a sturdily built 6-foot-6 post man, Oliverson impressed in several areas. For one, he has great instinct as a rebounder and top notch hands. He plays with poise and finishes quickly and with touch. He is also a quality outside shooter. On the margins athletically as a high major prospect, Oliverson could use an inch or two more, but his shooting ability and physical strength might be enough at his present height.
Michael Qualls (2012)- At 6-foot-4 and as about as long as a prospect can get at that size, Qualls was the top athlete at the event. A promising transition and baseline dunker, Qualls played with an impressive intensity. He's a dangerous rebounder and defender and also displayed flashes of a developing skill game. It is tough to say what level Qualls will end up at as a prospect, but his upside makes him a prospect that high majors need to be tracking.
Michael Lewis (2012)- This 6-foot-8 post player is in the same general category as Qualls as a prospect. The potential is there to be a high major, but there is still a ways to go and it isn't a sure bet. Nonetheless, this lefty is one to keep an eye on.
Leron Barnes (2011)- An impressive wing athlete, the 6-foot-4 Barnes did pretty much everything at the camp. He finished attacking the basket, made some outside shoots, rebounded with energy, defended and also passed the ball. Young for his class, Barnes has an impressive approach to the game and deserves ample recruiting attention.
Craig McFerrin (2011)- McFerrin, strong and 6-foot-6, was the low post workhorse of the event. He consistently scored off spin moves to either shoulder and was constantly fighting for position as a post up player and rebounder. Right now he projects as a solid mid-major prospect.
A'tarri Shine (2011)- A springy athlete at 6-foot-4, Shine played stronger and stronger ball throughout the event. Attacking the rim is his game. Mid-majors need to take a look.
T.J. Williams (2010)- An undersized low post prosect in the mold of McFerrin, Williams brings an energetic and physical game to the court. There was a lot of talk in the gym about Tulane being highly involved with Williams.
Cedric Jenkins (2010)- A solid combo guard at 6-foot-2, Jenkins was steady throughout the day. Low to mid-majors should give him a look.
Stan May (2013)- May shot the ball with impressive confidence as a freshman playing with the upper classmen. His stroke looked pure at the event. The question, however, is how will his body develop. Right now he is sub 6-footer but has the look of a prospect who has some growing ahead of him.
Carlton Lowe (2013)- Similar to May, it is difficult to judge what level Lowe will end up at but he definitely was an eye catcher at the event. The 6-foot-2 lefty has an instinct for the game and seemed to constantly be in the action and contributing.