Look out for Loucks

Luke Loucks came out to the Breakdown Battle for the Rankings event last weekend with bruises all over his arms, a right shoulder that was a little tender and legs that felt like they were anchored in cement.
But he also showed up with five new school records after a big record setting night on the gridiron for his football team at Clearwater (Fla.) High School.
The 6-foot-4, 192-pound combo guard/quarterback tossed 402 yards and four touchdowns all the while completing 29 of 50 passing, all school records. His main target reeled in 16 catches for 254 yards, also school records. Moreover, his club picked up a big win in the process.
And just like that, he switched his helmet for gym shorts and went to work at the hoops showcase.
Loucks, the No. 80 ranked basketball player in the class of 2008, put on a show with his pinpoint passing and high-level hoops IQ. Loucks said his experience as a quarterback translates over on the hardwood.
"You can see things happen just like you see your receivers running routes, you can see your wings running the floor," he said. "If that defense comes at you, you throw to that spot. It's just like playing quarterback."
Even with his success as a signal caller, Loucks said he isn't sure about playing both sports in college.
"It's going to be really hard. I think I'm going to just stick with basketball but I don't know. It's a possibility," Loucks said. "I doubt I'll do it because it is so tough to do both. You'd have to go to a place where both coaches would be willing do that and I don't know if I could find that."
There are plenty of basketball coaches lining up to get him just for hoops these days. Loucks said Auburn, Ole Miss, Georgia Tech, West Virginia, Iowa, Clemson, St. Joe's, Missouri, Central Florida and South Florida have all been in to see him play this year.
Loucks said he is holding offers from Ole Miss, South Florida, Central Florida and Florida Atlantic.
"Ole Miss just saw me and offered me so that was pretty cool but most of the schools said they want to come back and watch me in the season when I'm in basketball shape," Loucks said. "Everything is open right now."