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London's Richard Amaefule hoping to make a splash after crossing the pond

Richard Amaefule
Richard Amaefule

In order to make the most of his basketball dreams, class of 2020 forward Richard Amaefule made the hard decision to leave his home in London and now he's hoping that it pays off.

The 6-foot-8 forward spent his first year of high school in Virginia before making his way to Dallas (Texas) Bishop Lynch where he sat out his sophomore season as a transfer. Though he's not yet been able to hit the floor much or develop a big reputation in the States, the move was one that Amaefule felt he needed to make to test himself.

"In London, the basketball scene is not as good as it is here," said Amaefule. "I had to make a move out here to test myself. The competition level is much more difficult here and the style is much more up and down."

Last weekend, had the opportunity to see Amaefule hit the floor with his grassroots team the Texas Titans. He displayed athleticism, the ability to play inside and out, toughness and the tools that could eventually make him a top 100 type prospect in the class of 2020.

Amaefule is happy to be back on the floor showing what he can do.

"At first the cardio was kind of tough just getting up and down," said Amaefule. "But then I started to hit a couple of shots so I'm getting comfortable and should be fine.

"Depending on who is guarding me I can play the three or the four. If a short guy is guarding me I prefer to go in the post. If I have somebody my size I like to take him off the dribble."

Because he's not really played much in the States, Amaefule is still an unknown to the college programs that are likely to start recruiting him once they see him during April's live periods. He did identify some teams he has interest in while watching games over the past season and is looking forward to showing what he can do.

"I've tried to watch some college basketball when I can," said Amaefule. "I see teams like Michigan State and LSU and some others like that where I think I could be a fit. But nobody really knows about me yet. I'm going out to try and get my name out there and let people know about me."