Lightning Almost Strikes Coaches

After last night's 9:30 Riverside Church-Team Memphis game concluded, several coaches and this reporter headed out to the parking lot. When the many coaches made their way out of the Wide World of Sports gym, a bolt of lightning shattered the seemingly peaceful sky. Then a big thump of thunder exploded and the many coaches ran for the parking lot.
Georgia Tech coach Paul Hewitt and Notre Dame assistant coach Anthony Solomon were among the ones trying to duck for cover quickly. Solomon and Hewitt were on hand to watch Riverside's Gary Forbes, who missed a couple of key free throws late in the game. Riverside ended up blowing a big lead in the game and was sent packing.
But another long string of lightning lit up the parking lot, followed immediately by a loud blast of thunder and buckets of rain fell upon the fleeing coaches. Many of these coaches ducked under shelter or flinched when the lightning illuminated the sky.
Everyone did make it to their cars safely as the lightning continued to light up the Florida sky with extreme belts of thunder accompanying the light show.