Leon Powe Shows

It's hard to miss the solid frame of Leon Powe, a 6-9, 232-pound forward from Oakland Tech, at yesterday's ABCD camp. He wore a big number four on a shirt but it wasn't an ABCD jersey. Powe is still sitting out after suffering a terrible injury at a tournament in Houston in April.
It was confirmed by MRI that he has torn his left anterior curciate ligament (ACL). Leon had surgery appears to be recovering just fine.
The surgery and rehab was and is being preformed by the renowned Dr. Art Ting and his staff. Powe is widely regarded as one of the top five juniors in the country.
Mike Sullivan and Russ Blake both had a chance to watch him display his skills during last summer's AAU sessions. Last year as a sophomore Powe averaged 25 points, 13 rebounds and five blocks. This season Powe averaged 29 points, 15 rebounds, three assists, two steal and three blocks per game.
Powe has a short list -- Duke, Kentucky, California, Louisville, Florida, Kansas, and North Carolina.