Legion planning fall visits

Now that the summer AAU evaluation period is over, Alex Legion is ready to take a step forward in his recruitment. Five programs have emerged as the teams to beat for the 6-foot-3, 195-pound shooting guard from County Day High School in Detroit, Mich. Legion, the No. 24 ranked player in the class of 2007 is looking forward to taking several unofficial visits throughout the fall period.
"Kansas, Michigan and UCLA were in the gym to watch Alex workout on Sunday," said Tim Green, Alex Legions AAU coach and friend. "Michigan, Michigan State, UCLA, Kansas and Illinois are the five schools that we are seriously considering at this time. We are looking at other schools like Duke, North Carolina and a few others, but those top five schools will be tough to beat."
Now that Legion has conducted a private workout for three of the top five schools on his list, the 6-foot-3 shooting guard is looking forward to taking some unofficial visits in the fall. According to Green, Legion's AAU coach and family friend, the two will visit each of the five schools on his list throughout the college football season.
"I am a huge college football fan, so Alex and I are going to visit each campus and see some big-time football games," said Green. "There is a good chance that we will be in town for the game between Kansas and Oklahoma. If we do not attend that game, we will pick another game to see. We also plan to attend the game between UCLA and USC, Illinois and Michigan State and the Michigan vs. Michigan State game.
"We have decided to move forward this quickly for several reasons," he added. "I really don't have time to play games with people right now. We might add one or two more schools to the list, but Kansas, Michigan, Michigan State, UCLA and Illinois are the top five schools. In addition, I want to get a look at what players the five schools are currently recruiting. Alex and I will have plenty of time to look at each of the five schools and what players they're trying to recruit."
Because Green has such a close relationship with Legion, both on and off the court, he is doing everything possible to ensure that the Michigan native takes the necessary steps when it comes to the recruiting process. Aside from being an AAU coach, Green is also a high school principal and is doing what he feels is best for Legion.
"Deciding what college to attend is not just about basketball and winning," said Green. "I want to show Alex what the college atmosphere is all about, and I want him to see what the social setting is like in college. Going to college is not all about playing basketball and winning basketball games.
"Playing style is important, becoming comfortable and building relationships with teammates and future teammates is important and winning is important, but it's not everything," he added. "I want Alex to be able to compete for a Final Four as a freshman, but that is not the only thing that I want him to experience."